Monday, June 27, 2005

Public Announcement- Tales from Sleepy Hollow

I have been lagging on my blogs. No engaging satire of the male species. No fear ladies, here is something to giggle at. Now I would definitely call myself a " Dater", someone who frequently subjects herself to a lot of first dates, and barely any second dates. I try to be open minded and not date with in a certain type. Now if you ask my friends, they will inform you that I am drawn to a certain type. But rarely does this type find themselves drawn to me. So you must think outside of the box.
Now you can do this in a number of way; going to bars, internet dating, thru mutual friends, the list goes on. Well true to my broad minded nature I was looking through the personal ads on Don’t ask me why, blame it on the box thinking. But that is how I met "Ichabod Crane". At first we communicated thru e-mail like any good children from the Internet Age. Then as progress would have it, ventured to phone conversation. When I found a southern lilt on the other end of the line, you can imagine my delight. Any girl ( I don’t care what you say) loves an accent. Southern, British, Spanish, Italian- They all leave your knees a little weak. Our conversation were entertaining enough and after a few we decided to meet in a bar in SF.
Meeting someone for the first time with only conversations to go on is a little distressing to say the least. Your mind creates a picture of what you think that person looks like, so can imagine my shock and surprise that when I came face to face with Ichabod Crane. I kid you not, you remember the Disney version of The Man from Sleepy Hollow, tall, lanky and the hook nose to boot. I mean really, couldn’t I have ended up with the Johhny Depp version. Drinks were short to say the least. You can not look at someone who makes you think he belongs in Disney cartoon.
We politely said goodbye to each other, knowing that we would not see each other again. So Ichabod and I went our separate ways, and I will always giggle a little when the Halloween favorite airs.
Stay Tuned................


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