Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Whistling Tutorial

As the nearest and dearest to my heart know, I have the ability to whistle in a cool way. I am not talking about the whistle while you work sort of way,but the fingers in the mouth high pitched piercing whistle of a hard core sports fan that paints themselves the color of their team. Except I limit myself to just the whistling part. My friends think its cool ( or they are lieing to me ) as long as they are like a mile away. Have I mentioned it's a little piercing, we are talking ear plugs and a 100 yard restraining order loud. So back to the cool part, I am always getting asked how I am able to whistle like that and of course it comes with a little story..... My sixth grade teacher use to get our attention by this piercing whistle and of course I thought it was cool. I mean think of the possibilities hailing cabs, obsessed sports fan ( which I am not), loud noise at concerts, calling to animals that can hear the piercing sound, the options are endless. So I set about learning this new and fun talent.

I have since mastered this fun and annoying talent and a few of my friends have asked that I teach them. If I had know how absolutely hilarious this would be, I would have set up classes a long time ago, just for laughs. So Friday night we ( a group of friends) were at the Dave Matthews Concert , what better place to have the Whistling Tutorial, than at a concert , oh wait we can barely hear ourselves. But that didn't stop us. So we started with the basics: finger placement, tongue angle ( get your minds out of the gutter) , and pressure. I have three faces watching me intently watching me, trying to gain the secret to the annoying whistle. Very technical conversations ensues about angle and wind flow, and all I can think of, I swear if anyone was listening to this conversation they would collapse in to giggles, I mean we were half of the time anyway. My students Mary, Trevor and Michele are intently attempting to whistle ( I will post picture of this funny event). Its not an easy task, I will tell you that. Here we have the three of them, fingers in mouth and the sounds of air rushing by their fingers with no effect. Have I failed as a teacher, can it be possible that I am no good at this at all? Nah, it just takes awhile. Michele but the end of the evening has managed to produce a beginning whistle and by the end of the weekend , I started to question why I had thought teaching people to whistle loud, shrill-ly, and annoyingly. I created another whistling me, who thinks it funny to whistle shrill-ly at any time just to gain a scowl from the people closest geographically. All I have to say is BestFriend Tiff, I am sorry and beware. Michele is getting better everyday.


At 2:20 PM, Blogger Tiffany said...

Damn it! I want to learn now!!

At 4:48 PM, Blogger Michele said...

Ha ha it is fun! I am no where near as skilled as Liz though. I aspire to such whistling greatness!


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