Monday, June 27, 2005

Public Service Announcment- Margaritaville

A pitcher of margarita and a baseball game starts off this little story. Ok really a phone call started it all. A quick piece of advice, always listen to your voice mails throughly. I received a voicemail from " The Marine", now I am sure you are already making assumptions. A Marine, they always have a reputation, or at least the ones I know. When I listened to the voicemail, I swear I heard come over a group of us are watching a baseball game and we are having margarita. I should have listened further to the message, because that would have given me an idea of what I was in for.
I am thinking baseball and margarita, what more could a girl ask for. Time to relax hang out and drink right? Well one margarita led to more than I can count and nature called like it usually does. I stumbled gracefully to the bathroom, like any drunk girl does. Business was done calling and I was trying to make it back to catch up on the game I was missing. Stumbling, gracefully I might add once again, down the hall, but this time something catches my eye. Keep in mind my vision sort of blurry at this point and all I see in The Marines, room is some thing flesh colored on his bed. I am thinking to myself, did he get a flesh colored body pillow?? Adjusting my glasses, I go to investigate, looks comfy and I am feeling a little tired.
Now imagine my surprise and I mean SURPRISE, to find that it isn’t an inviting flesh colored body pillow as I once thought. It is surprise, surprise, surprise, The Marine, naked in all his glory, if you can call it that. Now, The Marine and I have quite the history. At this point in time I had known him for 6 years. We had dated on and off in that 6 year period. So in that period of time sexual chemistry had built up. 6 years of sexual chemistry??????? Stand back everyone, two drunk people ( very drunk) with 6 years of pent up sexual chemistry? It can only end badly, very badly, ooooohhhh sooooo badly. Men have fragile egos, especially between the sheets. They pride themselves on their, ahem, abilities. Now we all know drunk men let their "skills" slide a little ( oh I am being so nice right now), and drunk girls lose sensation from the neck down. Can you see how this is going to end ???? Loose lips sinks ships right? Well loose lips ( loosen by a pitcher of margarita) also make other things sink too, if you catch my drift.

Stay Tuned............


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