Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas Is Here!!...In Case You Missed it

So its official the Xmas season is smothering us. Its all around and in all forms. I went to lunch today with my boss and there was a life size Snowman in the entry hall. Not so scary right? Well apparently there was a sensor in Mr. Snowman that when you walked across its path , it would start talking and signing and dancing. It was equipped with a moving jaw too. Well not expecting Mr. Snowman to move at all, you know the whole frozen snow thing. As I walked across its path Mr. Snowman starts on his jolly musical journey and managed to scary the living *bleep* out of me. And left me scowling at him for the remainder of the meal. Though of course went the postal worker walked in with the mail and Mr. Snowman started his shpeel again. But this time when Frosty scared the beejesus out of the post man it was hysterical. I had to ask the manager at the resturant how much fun they were having watching Mr. Snowman scare the customers. Apparently it has been the highlight of their week, bringing the spooky to Xmas.


At 6:30 AM, Blogger Becky said...

Its the little things in life that make you seeing people get scarefd from a snowman!


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