Monday, December 05, 2005

Weekend Recap

As you might have seen from BestFriend Tiff's post, it was my birthday on Saturday. It was the big 27- eeeekkkkk!!!! So here is the recap from my birthday weekend.

1 Meeting at the Oasis to look at the reminents of pizza eaten by Tiff, TheBoy, and the long lost college friends.

5 Alcoholic Diet Cherry Cokes which is what created Drunken Liz

1 Inconherent text message that sent BestFriend Tiff and Angie in to hysterics. Fingers and brain at that point were not connected.

1 Drunk Dial to Christine trying to convey that I needed to be picked up in the morning for the Birthday Brunch. Apparently my message did convey that between the giggling. More giggling that actually talking though.

1,000,000 giggles and general silliness by drunk Liz

1 Very drunk Liz trying to make the room stop spinning with eyes open and closed.

1 Very unhappy hung over Liz the morning of my birthday ( what can say, not the sharpest tool in the shed)

1 nursed cup of tea and toast to make the queasy stomach stop.

1 vicious headache that clung on for the entire weekend

1 Fabulous Brunch made by Gourmet Tiff and shared with by Tiff and Christine.

1 much need Mani/Pedi ( was upset though when the pedicurist took away the warm water for my frozen toesies)

1 Present opening hour with the mom. Lovely red martini glases, I know I will get ALOT of use out of them.Thanks mom for contributing to your daughters drinking :)

1.5 hours to rest before needed shower before dinner

2.5 hours spent eating a fabulous meal, opening presents and spending time with very dear friends.

3 glasses of yummy wine

3 Un needed vile shots, with lots of egging on by the group. All I have to say is I have a long memory.

1 Very sleepy birthday girl around 12:30am.

1 Very sleepy girl the day after my birthday

1 Afternoon with Mom at the theater watching Mamma Mia

1 Quiet evening knitting counting down the minutes to bed time.

Thank you all for making my birthday truly wonderful. A special thanks to BestFriend Tiff for all the effort and thought that went in to my brunch, birthday and gift. LOVE YOU!!!!!


At 2:43 PM, Blogger Tiffany said...

Aw sweetie - we all love you too! Speaking of the gift...? Any deliveries yet?

At 6:07 AM, Blogger kate said...

Happy belated birthday!!!

I'm glad you had a wonderful time.


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