Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Miss me?

I can hear you all thinking to yourselves, “She went on two trips, how can she not have blogged about either?!?!?” Well here is me blogging :).

I was in Vegas last week fro Wednesday afternoon to Friday night. It was a reword trip from my boss for the work I had done this year. Yes, I am spoiled I know. We stayed at the Bellagio with a Lake View room and you can turn on the TV to channel 31 to listen to the music that is being played in tune with the fountain. I think I must have watched it a billion times. It’s REALLY cool. I spent those two and a half days letting the Bellagio take my money, dining at 5 star restaurants, and going to the spa. Yes, yes again I am spoiled. I found my favorite slot machine, the Monopoly game one, though I think I might like it because I one $50.00 after sitting down at it for 5 minutes. That is the most I won the entire time and I fed it back in to the casino thru slots and blackjack. Wednesday night we ate at Shintaro at the Bellagio, it’s a Teppan restaurant like Benihana’s, but much much much better. Well except that the chef accidentally threw a piece of zucchini at me. After that incident I got fed first out of the entire table, so I didn’t complain. Thursday after working a little, it was a working trip, I didn’t get off scott free, we went to the buffet breakfast. I have never seen so much prepared food in one place. Whatever your little tummy desired, it was there. Sadly I am a “need coffee before I hurt you” type of person, so I drank coffee mostly with an Eggs Benedict, thrown in for good measure. Then after a little gambling, it was off to the spa. My boss and I had signed up for Island Body Polishes and Pedicures. The body polish consisted of being rubbed down with coconut milk and scrubbed within an inch of your life in sugar crystals. It felt WONDERFUL, I was all smooth and silky. It’s amazing that I didn’t slip of out my little slippers. Though when the girl went to scrub the life out of the bottom of my feet, I couldn’t help but laugh uncontrollably. I am sure she thought I was a nut, who cares, I was smmmmmoooootttthhhhhh. After the pedicure, I took my smooth polished pedicured self back to the room to work for a little while longer and to get ready for dinner at Michael Mina’s. I don’t know that I can go on enough about Michael Mina’s. It is a delectable, scrumptious, mind altering food experience. My boss and I had the traditional tasting menu with the wine pairings. Oh and a cocktail to get the ball rolling, I was filled to the gills and sauced to boot. It was awesome and what better way to lose more money than when you are full, drunk and don’t care. The night ended relatively early in Vegas terms but it was amazing. Friday was more gambling and eating, then off to the airport to take me home so that I could continue on trip two.

Trip Two- Pismo Beach CA, Michele’s Bachelorette Weekend- Christine and I didn’t get in until late due to my flight being delayed coming in to San Jose. But we found bright faces as we finally got in about 1 am, more bright that my bleary cross eyed expression. The condo we stayed in was spacious and full of light, really really nice. Mary did a wonderful job scoping out and finding it for us. Read here for more details and pictures. The only difference was that I didn’t go to the spa but opted for a long (very long) walk on the beach and in the waves. It started out as a meandering walk but turned in to a hunt for whole sand dollars, because you are dying to know, I found four, two dead and two alive. I threw the alive ones back in the water. I wanted Christine to have one since she didn’t and one for Michele to remember her weekend way. Well actually I went on two walks. Michele and I wanted to catch the sunset so we raced down to the water for a few last minute pictures. Oh and Michele, the little clam shells still attached sound like castanets not canasta. It drove me nuts trying to remember the word. It was a great weekend spent with wonderful friends and great food, most of it dairy based, wine, ohh and an itty bitty kitten!


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