Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I Got Nothing

Extremely random weirdness unique questions by a new orleanian this is a very long survey be warned
Did/Have you ever....
Jump off of a moving vehicle?:Does accidentally count?
Climb to the top of a mountain?:umm, no
Get bitten by a wild animal?:My hamster bit me - not sure that qualifies as wild animal
Dye your hair dark red, black, or blue?:Red yes, dark red no
Chew a pill you were supposed to swallow?:Eww no
Lie to a substitute teacher about your name…lol:I don't think so
Spied on someone?:Nah, to much effort
Been spied on?:How do I know if they are spying
Kissed an insect? What kind(s)?:How about being bitten by a wasp on the tongue
Kissed an animal? What kind?(s):This feels like a trick question
Fed an animal directly from your hands? What kind(s)?:Yes, horses, dogs, cats
Cry at the end of a book/story…:Yes , shut up
Think you were about to get shot/murdered?:Never
Fall off of a tall building?:Nope, they make railings for that
Jump off a roof?:Do I look like Superwoman
Been chased by a dog?:Yes a small crazy little pug ( Hi Daisy)
Believed in the tooth fairy/Santa Claus?:When I was very young
Been on T.V.? How many times?:I have never been on TV, unless you count home videos and those are just plain embarrasing
Been in the newspaper? A magazine? Book? Movie?:No, No, No , and No
Changed your religion? From what to what?:From Catholic to cartoons
Thought you were an anime/cartoon character?:nope, pretty well set in the fact that I am human
Been in love with an anime/cartoon character LOL:Good lord, what kind of questions are these
What things have you choked on so far?:LOL, I gumball once
Have you ever purposely eaten a bug?:Not voluntarily
Had rocks thrown at your bedroom window?:Nope, my dad was a light sleeper and I wanted to see the age of 21
What is your average typing speed in words per minute(if you know)?:No clue
Do you believe Elizabeth Taylor really has violet eyes?:Well they make colored contacts, so yes
What color plate do you like eating off of best?:I don't think I care
How many “best” friends have you had through out your life?:3
What are your favorite hair/eye color combo’s on a girl? On a boy?:dark hair, light eyes
What are your favorite fruits and vegetables?:Strawberries, Mangoes, Artichokes, tomatoes
Did you ever try to fly?:Nope had no delusions there
How many languages do you know at least one word in?:4
Do you have any unhealthy addictions?:I don't think drinking is unhealthly, it does wonders for my mental state
Would you ever sing a solo in public?:Never ever ever ever ever ever ever, I don't think I made myself clear, NO
What are some things you take with you every time you step out of your hous:my purse
Moon or sun?:Moon
Rain or shine?:Rain
Snow or fog?:Fog
hazel eyes or blue eyes?:Hazel
Brown eyes or green eyes?:Green
Japan or China?:Japan
New York or California?:CA
Forest or Jungle?:Jungle
Mountains or Caves?:Mountains
Beach or pool?:Beach ( specifically Maui's beach)
Valley or Plains?:Valley
Pink or Purple?:Pink
Silver or Gold?:Gold
South or North?(of USA only):South
West or East?(of USA only):West
Pig or cow?:Cow
Sapphires or Rubies?:Rubies
Emeralds or Diamonds?:Emeralds
Pearls or Garnet?:Garnets
Bracelets or necklaces?:Bracelets
Rings or earrings?:Rings
Shoes or barefoot?:Shoes
Would you rather be one of the world’s greatest singers or dancers?:Singers
Normal or weird?:Weird
Nerd or prep?:Nerd
Goth or Ghetto?:No thank you
Pocahontas or Jasmine?:Pocahontas
Ariel or Belle?:Ariel
Mulan or Aurora?:Aurora
Cinderella or Snow-White?:Cinderella
Eye shadow or eye liner?:Eye Shadow
What color eyeliner/eye-shadow?:Brown
Lip stick or chap-stick?:Lip gloss
Coke or Sprite?:Sprite
Dr. Pepper or Root Beer?:Root Beer
Fire or Water?:Water
Wind or Earth?:Earth
Light or Darkness?:Light
Favorite dairy product?:Cheese- Brie
What are the coolest animals you have petted?:A hedgehog
How about the rarest you’ve found?:I live in a city the closest animals there are that are even remotely rare are at the zoo. And I really didn't "find" those
Do you like to burn things?:no
How many illegal things have you done in your life that you can think of?:2
Did you ever get caught?:yes by my mother
When you read books do you become one of the characters?: No
Do you have multiple personalities?:Hold on let me ask
Do you own holy books of a faith other your own?:Yes I have one
Do you do very stupid things for attention?:only after a hard night of drinking
Redhead or black hair?(everyones always like *blonde or brunette?!*):Redhead
How many US states have you been to?:11
Which states do you think are the most unpopular?(least well known):New Mexico
What are your favorite holidays?:A day that gets me a day off of work
Do you eat children’s Tylenol and cough drops for fun?:( shaking head )
Do you drink gravy out of a cup on Thanksgiving?:eew, no
Are you part Native American?:nope
Have you played an Indian in a school play?:not that I can remember, I was an Indian for Halloween once
Do(did) you like reading out loud in class?:No I do not
Have you ever attempted to steal a chicken from someone’s yard?:( Raising Eye Brow)
What’s the highest height you’ve jumped from?(appx. Just estimate):8 feet
Did you ever sing/dance in the rain with your friends?:Yes, mabe me the weird one in high school
How many states can you name with out looking?:alot
How many countries can you name with out looking?(educated guess)(there are:10
How many times have you passed out?:4 or 5
Are you double jointed?:yes, my thumb
How close can you get your tongue to your elbow?(in inches):I have never tried
Is there a sport almost no one can beat you at?:nope
What is the closest red thing to you right now?(can’t be anything you’re we:a red folder
How about blue thing?:blue border to computer screen
Green thing?:Jade Ring
yellow?:note pad
brown?:bird on calendar
grey?:again bird on Calendar
In your opinion is pink for girls?:yes
What colors do you hate the most?:Puce
Would you ever dye your hair an unnatural color?:nope
What are your favorite color shirts to wear?:Dont have a favorite
How about jeans?:the regular color
Underwear?:nope no favorite
What color underwear are you wearing?:stripey ones
what color are the clothes your wearing?:green top multi colored skirt
How many different colors of underwear do you own?:to many to count
Which color do you have most of?:Beige
Which colors are sad?:black
Which ones are happy?:yellow, orange
Lime green vs. hot pink?:hot pink
Hi-liter yellow or aqua?:aqua
Lavender or Scarlet?:Scarlet
Which colors have the deepest meaning?:I don't care as long as the match
Who are you on better terms with, Father Time or Mother Nature?:Mother Nature, Father time isn't playing fair
Are there any little kid shows you still like to watch?:X-men
What color are your bedroom walls? Did you choose the color?:Mocha
Are there any eye-color/hair-color combo’s that annoy you?:nope
What are your favorite flowers?:Gerbera Daisys
Have you ever mutilated dolls and created toy-story-like creatures out of t:I use to cut my barbies hair off
How many adults do you know that you can really talk to/feel comfortable wi:quite a few
Ever possessed illegal documents?:nope
How many physical fights have you been in with someone other than an immedi:none
What are your favorite letters of the alphabet to write?(in script and regu:w, e, i
Have you ever accidentally caused a rather large fire?:no that I am aware of
Have you spoken to police as a witness to a crime something like that?:nope
Have you eaten a whole box of cookies or bag of candy in one go?:nope weirdly enough
How about drank a whole 2-liter soft drink in one day?:yes
Did you ever invent things you thought might make a million dollars?:got to the thought but never followed thru
Do you wear silver chains?:are we talking dog chains
Do you ever punish yourself?:No - why is this starting to sound like a pysch evaluation
Did you ever paint freckles on your face because you wanted them?:lol no
If you were trapped in a sealed metal crate that was thrown to the bottom o:I can't answer if you don't finish the question
What are the worst ways to die other than torture?:when you are slowly deteriorated by disease
How often do you think of death?:no
Do you have any famous relatives that are related to you by blood?:yes
How about not by blood?:no
Ever won a contest? What for?:I won at bingo once
Which school year was the most fun? (which grade(s)?:College by far
Do you like spicy foods?:mmmm spicy
Sour candies?:yes
Have you ever been mistaken for the opposite gender? How old were you?:never
For girls> Are you girly or a tomboy or in between?:GIRLY!!!
Did you ever think you or a member of your family was going to die?:from other than old age, no
Which magic power(s) would you want most? Don’t say more than three, and do:stop time, be invisible
Can you run fast?:Sorry I can't stop laughing to answer this question
Have you seen people get discriminated against because of their skin color?:no
Do you purposely make stupid, random typos when you’re mad?:no
Ever had a party just because it was Friday?:Oh yeah baby
Do you have a strange obsession with Wal-mart?:No
Were you ever supposed to go to court? Did you go?:yes as a jury member, and no I didn't
What is your favorite bird?:Flamingo
Have you ever cheated on a test?:no
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