Thursday, October 13, 2005

10 Things I can't live without.........

1. While most of my friends will think # 1 is ketchup, they are wrong. Its them... I can not go with out time with The Sisters. If I go on vacation, I have been known to call The Sisters, even for a short chat. Usually to pull me back from the edge of insanity.

2. Internet. Sad as it is, I start to twitch if I have had no access to the internet to check my e-mail, for a few days. I am sure there is a therapy group for that.

3. Make-Up. Its definitely an addiction, there is no other word for it. I have more than I can wear. I will not run out for at least 5 years. I can count on one hand how many times I have left the house without it.

4. My Feather Bed Pillow Top. Yes I am a princess, and proud of it! I am the princess and the pea, people. Of the fluffy soft goodness of this haven I call my bed.

5. An Assortment of Shoes and Purses. I like to color coordinate, there I said it. I can't stand someone wearing a black outfit and having a brown purse or shoes. Its a sin, check the bible.

6. A nail file. I have currently obtained finger nails after a 26 year battle with nail biting. I didn't realize the other side to nail biting was obsessive nail filing.

7. My red couch. Its big, comfy, and red!! Perfect for sitting, laying, cuddling....... tee hee and other things.

8. Tivo. I would never watch TV at all if I didn't have Tivo. It has given me the ability to discover new shows and make me an addict. Is there a meeting for that?

9.Hummus. BestFriend Tiff, I am sure is rolling her eyes at this point, but its true, its one of my favorite foods.

10. Books. I love to read and there are days that TV just doesn't draw you in as a great book can.


At 8:24 AM, Blogger Tiffany said...

Welcome to the land of obsessive nail filing. People seriously look at me like I'm a prima donna when I whip out the nail file! But seriously - for those of us that have nails (and not the ones you pay $20 for every week) nail filing is a necessity!

And I will never understand the hummus thing... I mean it's good and all. But I can't imagine eating it straight from the container with a spoon! *ahem*

Also, your Sisters love you too!


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