Friday, September 23, 2005

Am I asking to much?

And so the saga continues.............

Is it to much to ask that I get a little acknowledgment from the break up voicemail yesterday??

I admit I am somewhat of an emotional control freak. I need closure, acknowledgment, and if I had a crystal ball to give me a heads up that I was wasting time in a relationship, it'd be like xmas all over again. The emotional control freakness is only limited to romantic relationships. The other ones with family and friends are completely rewarding healthy relationships, that I find very fullfilling. But, and I hate to say this but I have been burned badly in the past and a lot of guys out there are DOGS!!!! Can't men come with signs , like advertisement boards, the list the pros and cons of there personality and then we can review and make our choice?? Now I know you are saying but that takes the fun out of getting to know people. But here is the truth, men like the chase and once you give them the time of day, you still have the upper hand, so they naturally are on their best behavior. All there nasty little personality flaws, habits, and truth self is hidden away. Now everyone has flaws and for most of us they add to our uniqueness. But for some people ( men in this particular little rant) ( no not all men) hide rather huge flaws that would make us not date them in the first place. Wow, can you tell I am the scorned woman today. I went way off the deep end, I seriously had no intention for the blog to end up as an I Hate Men-post. Ok off the soap box and back to what I was saying 500 words ago.

I am a little (not much) shocked that P.T. didn't call, text message, e-mail, send a note thru friendster, call my work, anything pretty much. He could have yelled at me, made excuses, something at least. I mean I broke up with his voicemail for god sake, not the method I wanted to use, but he left me no choice. Mind you what is he going to say, I am not sure I left anything up to discussion. But for my sake because I am feeling a little selfish, I wanted some acknowledgment. But really, he could barely do that thru our relationship, why would he start now......


At 4:25 PM, Blogger Tiffany said...

My vote is that in approximately 4 days you'll get a text message saying one of two things...

1) Hey babe - sorry I've been so busy... I'll call you maybe we can get together next week?


2) Does this mean I'm not pre-approved anymore?



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