Thursday, October 13, 2005

So I lied........

Dear Iff' and Real F's ( teehee) I have mislead you. Though I did have good intentions. I truly meant to blog last night, however there was a good reason that I didn't.

In my defense, I was exhausted (insert big grin here). And it was all worth it (the exhaustion that is). That's all you get on that, nope don't even try.

So by the time I had put in a full day of work yesterday and made it home, I could barely see straight with exhaustion. However my day wasn't quite over. It was Dinner with Dad night, a regular Wednesday evening occurrence. So I get the movies to watch and the food out to cook. Knowing I was exhausted, take out might have been a good call in this situation. On a normal fully awake functioning day, I can cook, with out too many mishaps. However when I am exhausted, its more of an "eat at your own risk" situation. Well last night was no different. I should have put down the frying pan and picked up the telephone. But I felt that I might disappoint my dad, so I went against my better judgment. All I have to say is lesson learned.

Last nights menu consisted of pot stickers and Pad Thai. What I ended up with was blackstickers, and glop. I could smell the potstickers burning and yet left them there thinking, oh they will survive another few minutes. HA! The Pad Thai noodles managed to form one giant lump, making it difficult to mix in the pork and egg. Think chow mein more than Pad Thai. So the house smell like burnt... just burnt, I can't even come up with a good word to describe it. And lets not forget the glob, that I can use to spackle with if the urge strikes. And bless my dad's heart, the only thing he said was, " Just needs a little Hot sauce". As if that will magically repair the crap that was on my plate. I am pretty sure my mom's dogs would whimper in fear at the sight of this in their bowls.

So after that fiasco, I couldn't bring myself to blog, having felt like a failure, it was off to bed. ( Yeah right- I was just so stinking tired)


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