Monday, July 17, 2006

To Hold You Over...

I haven't forgotten about posting about the rest of my trip, but work has been hectic so I have a partial post in the process. I will finish it this week and have it up for your reading pleasure. In the mean time, I had a great weekend and woke up in a good mood this morning depsite no sleep and killer cramps. Yay me, its awesome being a girl sometimes. But back to the fun weekend. Friday night found me at my friend Cate house making Gyros and watching TV. That is my recipe for a Friday night, I am getting old and don't have the energy I use to, so TV, food and Wine suit me just fine. We watched a show called How to Get the Guy- its a how to date show with 4 women who are looking for love. Its a cute show and has good dating tips, though at times it can be a little corny. Cate and I polished off a liter of red wine, say it with me Mother Of ALL Migraines!!! I can't seem to get it thru my thick skull that I can not under any circumstances over indulge in red wine, the pain isn't worth the pleasure in this case. So I whimpered home to bed. Saturday was chalk full of activites!! I went with my boss and close friend to the Menlo Park version of the art and wine festival. We took one of her son's Will, since Jack was sick. Can I say again, I love love love my nephews!!! They now remember me and I am always greeted with smiles and giggles. Will now has a firm grasp of the word "NO", and isn't afraid to use it. I can't help but laugh. I am sure I am undermining my friend's authority with her child as I giggle everytime he does something he shouldn't. But Will was a delight at the fair, he is becoming quite independent and wants to walk on his own, no holding hands, but he gets carried away looking at everything and bumps in to people. At one point he got ahead of us and I couldn't see him, I freaked out. There is no other word for it, all out panic I sped up thru the crowd and caught up to him, but that was scary!!! After my heart returned to normal pace, it was time to drop Will off at home and for my boss and I to go get pedicures. And let me tell you, my feet needed it. Ahhh I love pedicures. The reason for the pedicure, other that pampering, was because Saturday night was Michele's engagement party. The evening was perfect and it was very memorable. Everyone looked beautiful and the setting was breath taking. I will let Michele fill you in on the details. We wrapped up the night with dancing until midnight. While I won't dance in a club of strangers without at least a few drinks in me. I am completely comfortable dancing in a private club where I know everyone. Note to self, next house must have a discotec in it. I got my groove on for most of the evening, it was awesome!! And of course I was exhausted by the time I got home. Thanks for driving Tiff!! I was such a bum that I slept unitl 11 am the next morning, leaving me no time to complete the items on my to do list. I was able to do a quick tidy job since my dad was coming over to dinner, then it was a race to get dressed and off to a baseball game. We went to the SJ Giants, an American League game. It was alot of fun, it has the feel of a small town game and the food and beer prices of a major league game. What's not to love. The only down side was the heat wave I wasn't expecting when I planned this outing. The benches were to hot to sit on, sizzling my butt cheeks, ummm, its very sensitive there!! I looked picturesque sweating like a pig and bright red cheeks. We did have a water fight of sorts. Can you really call it a water fight when it felt so good?? Mind you when Tiff's Boy poured water down my back, making it look like I had peed in my pants, I was mildly embarrassed. But cooled off for a few moments. We called it quits at the end of the 6th inning, I am not a sadist and the heat became to much. So I scurried home to a very cold shower and to make dinner for my dad. I had presents to give my dad from Hawaii, so I was excited to see him. He loved the Harley Davidson Waikiki shirt I got him, he wants a Harley so badly, but the only contribution I could give him was the shirt :). After my dad left, I was feeling drowsy due to my afternoon in the heat. I actually nodded off on the couch. Being a mildly intelligent girl, I decided to head to bed, big mistake!!! Getting ready for bed got my blood moving, and woke me up, so I didn't end up getting to bed until midnight. I was not amused!!

So there you have my weekend. I hope everyone had a great one too.


At 6:08 AM, Blogger Retro Girl said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Except maybe the wet pants


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