Monday, July 10, 2006

Paradise Day 1

A flight has never lasted so long, how can you ask a girl to wait on a plane for FIVE HOURS. It felt like a lifetime to get to Maui. But finally I did and you couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. I think I actually did a little dance I was so excited. It seemed like ages to go to thru the baggage claim, rental car and finally reached the bed and breakfast.

And TAAAA DAAA, I was in Kihei, though it didn’t feel like it seeing as it pitch black, so fast forward to the next day. I woke up at 5 am, chuckled and rolled over and went back to bed. I was on vacation, I was not about to get up with the sunrise. No way not me. So I was able to hold out until 7:30 am, I know talk about a wild girl. I stumble in the breakfast area and finally met Eva, the owner or A Maui Bed and Breakfast, cooking what looked like the most decadent breakfast of my life. I was right, it was two slices of bread with yogurt and berries mixed together and spread between, then dipped in coconut syrup and rolled in corn flakes, then fried. MMMMMMMMMMM, I was so going to weigh thirty pounds more before this vacation was over. After I was stuffed to the gills ( if I had gills) and plied with Kona coffee, I was given the tour of the bed and breakfast. It was so much more than I had ever expected. Tiff and I had a wonderful room with a private lanai and access to snorkel gear, boogie boards and beach stuff. Even laundry if we needed it. But what topped it all off was truly Eva. She was a wonderful hostess, full of information and stories. Next on the list was to pick up Tiff, but it was only 9 45 am. I still had a little to learn about relaxing. And a mite eager for my best friend to arrive. I learned that you can only spend so much time at Borders, waiting for your friend flight to arrive. Finally my phone rang and Tiff was waiting curbside for me to pick her up. Vacation was going well so far, to much excitement to bear all within 24 hours. It was the first vacation Tiff and I had ever taken together. Something we had always wanted to do.

The plans for the night were a rehearsal dinner with the wedding party and all out of town guests. The setting was perfect, what more could you ask for, tables set up in the grass around an aqua colored pool and tan people sipping on Mai Tai’s. And me sweating like a pig totally not use to any type of humidity. Stupid hair, no amount of hair drying, or beating with a brush would get it to do what I wanted. But aside from my frizziness, it was paradise. It had really fully set in, I was paradise and I got to stay for 10 whole days.

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