Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Move is over!!!!

So it’s done. I am in my new house. Of course with any major project , it wasn’t without its mishaps. I had rented a Uhaul to handle all my stuff. I had moved beyond the time I could pack everything I own in a truck or two. I mean I actually Own furniture now ( or have since 2003). I picked up The Specialist at 7 am to pick up the Uhaul ( oh and I can’t even begin to thank The Specialist enough, but I will go more in to that later) only to be told that the location I was instructed to pick up the truck didn’t have my reservation and I was suppose to go to the “other” location. The “other” location turned out to be a gas station that rents out one Uhaul truck. You read that right ONE. Oh and it turned out that they also didn’t have my reservation- You can imagine our combined anger and frustration, we had been trying to locate this Uhaul for over an hour at this point. The Specialist, being the genius he is, started calling other Uhaul locations to find a truck that wasn’t being used. We did manage to find one and get on our way.
We met my friends at my old place and started the removal of all my worldly possessions. The cat went to the groomers to get out of my hair for a few hours seeing as when he was locked in the bathroom he started to make the most un-natural sounds I have ever heard. My mom bless her took on that assignment – I needed to pack up the last minutes things.
With all most all the stuff packed, the Specialist asked me are you sure you have everything. I said I had, I mean I had been a complete space case for the last week, but that couldn’t mean that I hadn’t packed up all of my stuff. I hear from the deck, umm no you didn’t get everything, as I am yelling, yes I did. I walk out to my deck and I gasp remembering my storage closet hadn’t been emptied. Frustration wells up inside of me, I can’t believe I had forgotten, but again I have been a complete and utter space case for over a week. Seriously if my head hadn’t been attached I would have lost it. Then the running joke of the day, was “I found another closet”, I couldn’t help but laugh.
The move in the new place was less eventful and I was so happy. Now I walk thru the sea of boxes muttering to myself, tomorrow, tomorrow. But really it has to be done by Wednesday because my new refrigerator arrives. But back to the house.
After my wonderful friends helped move me in to my new place. The Specialist and I started working on a few projects:
1) The washing machine was broken. Being the Handyman GENIUS , The Specialist was able to fix it so that I could use my washer. The new part arrived Monday – but it works great without it. I just don’t dare open the washer during the spin cycle, at the risk of being attacked by my clothes.
2) The AWESOME new TV- right now all I am watching are DVD’s but Direct TV gets hooked up on Saturday.
3) The shower rod in my bathroom.
I am so so so grateful for The Specialist’s help, I couldn’t or even wouldn’t have known what to do about the washer and that shower rod requires four hands.

The list of projects is a little daunting right now but at least the painting is done and now I just need to attack the boxes.


At 7:12 AM, Blogger Michele said...

Yay! Can't wait to see the new place (or at least some "after" pics once you are settled in).

At 9:32 AM, Blogger Tiffany said...

I found another closet!

At 6:37 PM, Blogger Retro Girl said...

Yeah....can't wait to see pics. Moving is always such a P.I.T.A but well worth it once you get to a new place you really like. We're super happy with our new place....but yeah...our To-Do list is 10 miles long.


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