Thursday, September 01, 2005

Fresh Choice-The Circus Is In Town

I don't know if anyone has been to Fresh Choice lately but if you have any cravings to go I strongly advise go after 8 pm. If you choose to not heed my warning this is what you may run into is this three ring circus:
1. As I am waiting for Mary and Michele to return from a trip to the dessert bar, I decided to participate in to some quality people watching. Lazily I was glancing around and from behind me I hear the following: "I LOVE CHEESE...........", I turn to see the little kid strangling his brother, professing his love for cheese. I am glad to see that the child is passionate about dairy but to go to the lengths of strangling his brother over his position on cheese. Wow, talk about devotion.
2. Did you know that the Fresh Choice is now the new Birthday destination???? A chorus of Happy Birthday breaks out over the partition, hoots and hollers, the whole nine yards. Do you think they give you a free dessert from the dessert bar?? Oh wait, you've already paid for everything. DO they give you a free candle? LOL, as you can see I am a little baffled about it.
3.So, you know how Fresh Choice is a full salad bar, pasta, soup..... has a little of everything right. Then its perfectly normal for the restaurant to be full service for all ages, including the little ones. However I didn't realize that they had a breast feeding bar. I kid you not, a women settles in to a booth with her children of the non breast feeding age and her husband, and whips out a tit ( ok I couldn't see it, but from previously scaring incidents I know the motions) and proceeds to let the child have their own full service food bar.
4.When has it become appropriate to let children run wild and obnoxiously thru a restaurant, like its a McDonald's Play Ground. When I was young, it was abundantly clear from my parents that if I didn't sit and behave at a restaurant, I wouldn't want to live to see the next day. But Kiddie Play Ground aka Fresh Choice, is filled to the brim little monsters running and screaming thru the restaurant and the parents look on like its completely normal behavior. And when you look at them ( ok my eyebrow may have been raised in annoyance.), they look back at you like its you with the problem. I'm sorry, I forgot I paid to hear screaming kids while I have dinner. Its the new Dinner Theater of the 21st century.
5.This one is short but sweet. Now we know that Fresh Choice is all you can eat, which means that if you want more, you can go back and get it. No one is going to slap your hands and tell you NO. So when these guys walk by with soup bowls ( three times larger than the designated dessert dishes) filled , practically over flowing with Soft serve ice cream, I couldn't help but chuckle.
6. And last but not least "The Haircut", from the angle I was looking at this girl's hair I swear its like she took a weed whacker to her head. Part of it was up in a clip, but this large chunk, ok it was half of her hair on the right side, hung down to chin level. I was dying to know why the hell her hair looked like that. The best we could figure was that her hair was layered (oddly, in my opinion) so it looked like she had a bob but with a long chunk in the middle that she wore up in a clip. Can't say that the fashion police is going to let this one go.

Ah, I love people watching.


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