Monday, August 29, 2005

There Is A Full Moon Rising

Do you ever have one of those weekends and then a Monday that makes you think you should have gone to bed on Friday and woken up Monday. Well my weekend sort of went like that. I swear there was a full moon, because this weekend wasn't my weekend. While Friday night for the most part was fun, Michele and I have found a new stomping ground "The Buddha Lounge",but a little after drinking snack ended up giving me food poisoning. So you can imagine that my Saturday was filled with sore stomach muscles and a wary distaste of food. Also it was fully equipped with a level of exhaustion I have never experienced before. I practically fell in to bed and was blessed with a sinus migraine. It was like having the right side of my skull crushed in. Yay me, another fun filled day of pain and deprived sleep. I walked thru Sunday like a zombie, a fog encased my entire brain with no hopes of subsiding. Early to bed early to rise right? Nah, couldn't sleep of course. And the cherry on my sundae, this morning as I am walking down the stairs to work, I slip on the last few and go down like a prize fighter, only to pop up again with one badly scraped knee. I tell ya' Full Moon.......


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