Friday, October 21, 2005

Dinner for One - 4th Installment

dinner for one

Feast Four - Bon Appetit!

What kind of car do you drive? If you could make an even trade for any other car, what would you want to drive?

I drive a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I just got it about 9 months ago becuase I wanted a car with 4/5 seats and a trunk. I use to drive a Dodge truck. I would trade it in if I could for a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, but that isn't going to happen for a few years.
Take your phone number and add each number together separately (example 8+6+7+5+3+0+9=38) – what’s the total?

32, exactly what does that tell me other that the author of this questionnaire is running out of questions.

When were you last outside, and what were you doing?

Last night, dancing under the stars at a concert. Trying to keep my balance as I was dancing on a hillside and I thought it would be smart to wear heels. The things I sacrifice for fashion.
Main Course
What is your favorite restaurant and what do you usually order there?

Gyro House, beef and lamb gyro. drool drool drool. Its this little place near my house. Comletely non-descript building, but the food is amazing and the baklava is practically orgasmic.

Name three things in which you occasionally indulge.

food, I love food, the smells, tastes, textures. However I do not like looking like the size of a house, so I indulge from time to time. Pedicures, I like having cute toes, even in the winter. Sleeping In, It never happens enough, but I love my sleep.


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