Friday, November 11, 2005

Even More About Me

1. Ever been given a ring?

2. Longest Relationship?
2 years

3. Last gift you gave?
Dad's b-day, trip to New Mexico

4. How many times have you dropped your cell phone?
I am shocked its still intact with how many times I have dropped it.

5. Last sport played?:
Softball, use to play on a team last year.

6. Things you spend a lot of money on:
Clothes and I always feel like I have nothing to wear.

7. Three things you ate last:
pband j and a salad

8. What you notice first about the opposite sex: Smile and hands

9. One favorite song:
Don't Look Back by Antigone Rising

10. Where do you live?
Mountain View

11. High school you attended:
Los Altos High School

12. Cell phone service provider:

13. Favorite mall store:
Banana Republic

14. Longest Job held:
This one, going on 7 years.

15. Do you own a pair of dice:
I might have at one point.

16. Do you prank call people:
no I wouldn't be able to stop lauging, I would totally give it away.

17. Last wedding attended:
Catherine and German's

18. First friend you call if you won the lottery:

19. Last time you attended church:
April, for a wedding

20. Favorite fast food restaurant:

21. Biggest lie you've heard:If this was worst pick up line, I'd have an answer.

22. Where do you work?:
In the Mortgage Lending industry
23. Where do you go to college?
mostly at Foothill

24. Can you cook?
Yes, but I hate cooking for myself
25. What kinda car do you drive?
White jeep

26. Best kisser?
ooohh tough call Brandon I guess,he was the most recent.

27. Last time you cried?
On Halloween, because of Brandon

28. Most hated food:
Olives, they are disgusting

29. Thing you like most about yourself:
My sense of humor

30. Thing you hate most about yourself:
Not believing in myself, lack of self confidence

31. Have a secret you can't tell?
not really

32. Longest work shift worked:
13 hours

33. Favorite Movie?
Sliding Doors,

34. Can you sing?
not well

35. Last concert attended:
Green Day

36. Favorite Restaurant:

37. Last movie rented:
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory - Man was I disappointed!!!

38. Favorite Alcoholic Drink:
Lemon Drop

39. Thing you never leave home without:
Cell phone

40. Next intended vacation spot:
I think DC for New Years

41. Reason you did this survey?
I have nothing else to do, the boredom was getting to me.


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