Monday, December 12, 2005

The Question

So over the weekend I was having dinner at my boss’ house with her husband and my adorable nephews. Her in-laws were due in that night so we were able to squeeze in a movie before they arrived. But this isn’t about the movie that we saw, it’s about my least favorite question in the world. So every time the boss’ in-laws come in to town I always see them. It’s the way my relationship is with my boss, she is like my big sister and her family and the in-laws have accepted me as a part of that family. It’s a very nice feeling. So the in-laws arrive as Liz and I are chatting in the family room. They are not in for more than 5 minutes when Mr. In-Law sees me sitting on the couch and ask, “So are you married, pregnant, have a boyfriend, what’s going on with you, why don’t you have that yet?” Now any single girl dreads this question, it’s like pointing a major flaw in your life and picking at it until it bleeds. I have to explain now with as much vagueness as I can that I am not having the best of luck with the male species right now. Mr. In-law can’t of course grasp this and my boss has to step in to support me with my proclamation of bad luck. Open oozing sore at this point. I wish I could have crawled in to the crack of the couch. Thankfully Mr. In-Law was tired from his 6 hour flight, to not proceed in the line of questioning. As I find out Monday morning, after I left Mr. In-Law wanted to know why I was having bad luck and could my boss offer any insight in to my dating hell. First off, I can’t believe the conversation went on after I left. And secondly, when did it become socially acceptable to interrogate a girl about her love life. Like I am not painfully aware of it already. So, there you have it, the dreaded question that haunts single girls reared its ugly head in my direction, of course it reared its head the day after I ran in to the guy that broke my heart. What does not kill you makes you stronger, right?


At 10:59 AM, Blogger Becky said...

And secondly, when did it become socially acceptable to interrogate a girl about her love life.

Amen sister! Seriously this pisses me off so bad. I have been in a relationship for 5 yrs (I'm 26) so I have been spared the question, although I have seen my sister and friends asked the same thing and it bugs the hell out of me.

Its so rude, what are women supposed to do? Settle down with the first guy they meet and ingore all flaws in order not to be single?! I'd rather be single and happy then be with someone just to be with someone.

Stay single, enjoy'll meet the right one in due time. But do not settle!

UGH! If I"m ever single again I"m going to knock out the first person to stay that to me. Watch out!
Told you I get heated about this subject!


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