Monday, April 24, 2006

Attack of the Ex

As I am sure you can tell at this point, some of the men I have dated like to come back and haunt me. This weekend was no exception. Saturday afternoon I was curled on the couch with a movie and my knitting (zip it), when my phone rings....Its a number that I vaguely recognize and it dawns on me who it is. I can't even come up with a polite nickname for him, since its my blog I don't have to :), we will refer to him as The Kid- In that he may be approaching 30 sense, but sure as hell doesn't know it yet. The Kid and I dated eons ago in a parallel universe ( aka. my life before I matured). Two years with a healthy break in been was the length of this involvement. Niether break up ended well- the first time I was young, blind, and oh so naive- he left me with my heart broken in to sad little pieces. Side note: This is how I met BestFriend Tiff. The second time it was clear to me - thru a pain killer haze- that maybe I shouldn't be with him. I spent more time worrying about the relationship then actually having one. So with the help of my little friend Vicodin, we sucessfully ended it. We attempted to be friends, hung out a few times, but it wasn't much of a friendship. A meal once a year to catch up. Ok back to the actual conversation.

I answer my phone- Hi Jackass, his greeting to me. (And you wonder why we broke up)What do you want, is my reply. "Wellllll, how popular is your last name??. My last name isn't very popular, or it wasn't when I was growing up. But now its like the Dutch version of Smith. So I told The Kid as such and stupidly asked why he wanted to know. " There is this girl at the gym that has that last name and I wanted to know if you guys were related"-says The Kid, " Why ask at all, like her and I being related would stop you from dating her."-I retort in annoyance. " Well yeah I know, I was just curious." -is his responce. I wasn't shocked by this at all. He had transformed in the years that we hadn't been together. He went from being immature to being immature with side helpings of arrogance and selfishness. Oh which you can imagine repulses me even more. Not only is he the same guy but had gotten worse in other areas.

I didn't mean to let him get to me with his usual arrogance. But it brought back a memory of how little he cared for or about me. I was expendable to him and he was to me too, why then did we waste so much time on each other.


At 2:10 PM, Blogger Tiffany said...

So many comments. So little blog space! But you hit the nail on the head sweetie - his body might be almost 30 but his brain is 12. Maybe.

At 2:23 PM, Blogger Cheetarah1980 said...

I know his type all too well. Maybe we stick around in the hope they will mature and be better with enough time. Fat chance.


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