Sunday, April 09, 2006

Weekend ReCap

On Thursday I was telling my friends, " Hey I am heading out of town this weekend", "Oh Where", the interested reply came. " Ummmm, Redding". For the Native Californians, that translates to northern northern California, a 5 hour drive. Once the destination was learned the groan followed closely. The groan of " oh, you are heading to the boonies!!". Well I am back from the Boonies to report that I had an AWESOME time. Yes shocking I know: I spent the whole weekend without high heels, my full arsenal of make up, and my TIVO. I will let you all pick yourself up off the floor.

I spent the weekend outside of Redding ( ok more like 45 mintues away) in the mountains, nessled in a tiny cabin on a creek bank. My RFF's are laughing hysterically now, I know it. The reason behind my mountain getaway? My mom's birthday is Tuesday and it was her request that we go visit friends that live in the mountains. These friends stem from Z- my friend since elementary school. I used the term loosely, we weren't really friends until after high school but we have known each other for 20 years. Always involved in each others live whether it be school, coffee, cars, or laughter. As we got older our friendship got deeper and now we are those sort of friends that can be apart for ages and the minute we get near each other the conversation and laughter flow naturally. Z has had a rough time the last few years. And apparently I was exactly what the doctor ordered. His mom (who lives in the same town)couldn't get over how talkative he became when I was around. It does a heart good that I could have that effect on him. To make him feel so comfortable. But I have completely gotten off point by now.

So here is the break down of what I did:

-5 hour car ride Friday morning
-Lots of hugs all around when we made it safely
-1 Classic Car show that I wandered around quickly while completely emmersed in conversation with Z.
-Early dinner ala 4 pm- before the trek into the mountains to get settled at the cabin
-One 45 minute car ride thru the winding mountain roads to reach our destination.
-1 six foot 6 inch man giving up his bed for little 5 foot 2 me.
-Three rounds of pool Friday night- of which Z won- completely by default!!!
-1 very tired Liz after driving for 5 hours and going to bed at midnight.
-2 nights being lulled into sleep by a raging creek.
-1 long morning hike with the dogs, parents, Z and I.
-To much greasy food to keep track of- ugh!
-1 really cool ball of yarn- yes I am square, I know.
-1 present for dad in the shape of a custom wood turned bowl
-1 present for mom in the shape of cool mini latern.
-6 more pools games shot with Z - of which I lost 5- think its a sign?
-Hours spent lounging with Z catching up - which was wondeful.
-5 more hours in a car on the return trip. Maybe I shouldn't have stayed up until 3 am talking with Z.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Z and I

Classic Car Show

More photos to follow....Blogger is acting up.


At 8:46 AM, Blogger Becky said...

I love Northern Cali....wait, is Napa included in Northern Cali? Anyways, glad you had a great time Liz. Its good for the soul to "rough it" for a little bit :)

Now quick, go to the Mall and buy some new shoes before you withdrawl!

At 9:17 PM, Blogger Night Flier said...

Sounds like an amazing getaway. I love hiking and camping in the woods! Are you sure Z is only a friend? You sure talked about him alot...hmmmm....

At 8:31 AM, Blogger Tiffany said...

Beck - Napa is SO NOT Northern Cal!! Napa is... Napa. :)

And Liz? Your mom's birthday? Not Tuesday. Just saying... :)

And damn you look mini next to Z! Do Ry and I look that silly?

At 10:11 AM, Blogger Liz said...

Becky- Napa is about 1.5 hours away from me and The Boonies were about 5 hours.

Vixen- LOL-you aren't the first one to make that observation. Nothing to report in the romance department. Just friends.

Tiff- I know my mom's birthday isn't Tuesday, really how could I forget that my best friend and mother have the same birthday. And yes, you and Ryan look like Z and I, standing next to each other, i.e. ridiculous.


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