Thursday, April 13, 2006


So its one of those days where I woke up frustrated, disoriented and pissy. And it just keeps going from bad to worse. Imagine this......You are asked to help with an event, which translates to plan the entire thing. You rack your brain for a fun venue because all the other ones were lame. You spend hours researching and pricing, making sure you are within the budget. You finally have a contract on a venue (oh and not to leave out the non communicating event planner). You sent out a save the date e-mail to make sure everyone had enough time to plan for the event. I know its hard to get a babysitter, so I believe in being proactive with planning to help those with children out. Now jump forward to Thursday of last week, 2 weeks since you have sent out the save the date e-mail. Hardly anyone of the guests have RSVP'd- leaving you the fun fun fun job of calling all 25 people ( guest list was 50, including spouses) to find out if they will attend, seeing as a final head count is needed by the next day and you aren't in the office. Can you guess what the most said excuse was...........Oh, I can't go I can't get a babysitter. More than half the guests used this excuse. It was enough to send me threw the roof. Not only had I sent out a save the date e-mail, but I was calling a full 7 days in advance to find out if they could attend. I am sorry did I miss a shortage of teen age girls or guys to babysit???? Oh it gets better. Fast forward to today, the day of the event. Being the semi-coordinated girl that I am- I send out an e-mail reminder with full instructions and a map to the location. Making sure everyone is aware of the timing, location and parking situation. Hell I would have posted traffic reports. I want everyone calm and to enjoy themselves tonight- apparently I will be the only one wound up to the point of snapping. Not 5 minutes after sending out the reminder e-mail, a few guests e-mail back their regrets to not be able to attend. I am now steaming mad!!!! I worked very hard for no one to give a SHIT!!!! It really pisses me off, sorry to rant, but OMFG!!!!


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