Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Feast

I am stealing this from Retro Girl. This is to hold you over until I have a chance to sit down and compose a real post.

About how much money did you spend on gas this week?
Thru my weeping tears on how flipping expensive gas is, I spent $57.00, last night. And sadly that is the cheapest amount I have spent on gas in the last few months.

What is your favortite brand of toilet paper?
What ever is the least expensive??? I don't even know what brand I am using currently. My bathroom is reserved for my hair and make-up really.

When was the last time you discovered something that you thought was pure genius?

I haven't come across anything lately, but I do have a few suggestions :) I am thinking Magic Wand- one wave and the dishes instantly do themselves. Yes I have a dishwasher and yes I am that lazy. Or a Crystal Ball, I could consult it on whether I should even both getting out of bed in the morning. If the day is full of disappointment - then I pull the covers back over my head. And last but not least (and this is Michele's brilliant idea) Injectable SPF. So you don't worry about those hard to reach places, one injection will last the whole day and no reapplication!

Main Course
What is the least amount of sleep you can get by on per night?
I have gotten by on 3 or 4 hours but barely. I can't function and am completely moody. I prefer 8 solid hours, which is pretty much impossible, if I want to have a life.

June is a popular month for weddings. Do you know anyone who is getting married this month?
I do, teehee. And it is the cause of my very awesome vacation to Maui!!! If you expanded this question to " Am I going to a wedding this year", I would start laughing and tell you, yes,yes I am. It is Wedding Year in my world. 3 Weddings I am attending and 2 that I am not. :)


At 12:59 PM, Blogger Michele said...

The injectable SPF should last longer than a day to be truly magical, maybe a month? Can't you imagine getting a shot once a day?


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