Monday, June 05, 2006

Where Does My Hair Dryer Plug In?!?!

In five days I will be "roughing" it on Lake Shasta. My idea of roughing it is a Motel ^, so can imagine what a joy I will be camping. The funny thing is, I grew up camping. My family and I when camping every summer from the time I was a baby to I was old enough to freak out that there wasn't a place for me to plug in my hair dryer (that was about 10 years ago). After I was old enough to understand the joys of heels and hair dryers, my love of camping was quickly replaced. I now on average go camping once a year. The idea of sleeping on the ground, in a tiny tent, with no shower or sometimes no toilet (oh, the horror)doesn't exactly set me all a twitter. At one time I looked forward to two weeks away from home at different locations. We spent most of the time between Oregon and Mexico. In Oregon I spent my childhood crabbing with my dad and running along fog engulfed coastlines. I couldn't wait, the fresh air, new places, were always exciting. In Mexico we would camp right on the beach outside of a small town. We would spend hours swimming in the amazing clear water, watching crabs scuttle across the sand and fish dart away as we swam near. When we weren't in the water we would wander thru the small towns, eating at tiny restuarants, had the most amazing food ever. Browse thru aisles in the outside market, shopping for jewelery and glassware. It was a running joke in the family, that if we got dangerously low on water glasses, we would have to return to Mexico to get more. During high school, I took Spanish and couldn't wait for the summers so I could practice my new found language. I would spend almost two weeks speaking spanish and learning more quickly than I ever would in school. But somewhere as I grew up, I started to dislike the hard work of camping. I wanted to sleep in hotel bed with a clean bathroom and a shower. So this weekend I am going to confront my dislike of camping and try (again) to like. However we will be without a bathroom since we are staying on an island. This makes me shake in my heels, I will probably get myself worked up about it and then there is no shower, only the water in the lake, wooohoo lake water, now that clean! But the upside to this trip is that I will be with my friends,the highlight to any trip.


At 6:06 AM, Blogger Retro Girl said...

The experiences you had crabbing and camping along a beach with your Dad sound amazing!

I haven't been camping since I was a young hubby wants to go sometime in the future. I told him the first time has to be a place where you can walk to one of those shower/bath houses lol...Then maybe I'll go more "primitive" the 2nd I'm hooked on Electricity...


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