Friday, March 14, 2008

Gaasssspppp- No The World Hasn't Ended

Hey, I remember this website......OMG its like riding a bicycle, wooohoooo look at me I am blogging. Ok enough of that, here I am unscarred unmaimed, just a really bad blogger. I have no excuse other than I lost the taste for blogging but I read all of yours actively each day. But a few of you, Melina, Michele, Retro Girl, check in on me, so I thought it was time to blog and try and catch you up since the last time I blogged. Which was??????? Ohoh Halloween..... WOW, is that some kind of record? Do I get a prize???? No? Thought I would try. Ok where to start....

All of you know I have a newish house ( its been over 6 months now). I have slowly and steadily been working on that and its still a work in progress. With the great weather we have been having I have been out in the garden more. I will take pictures and show you the before and after. I hope to start planting my vegetable garden, I want to plant tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, carrots, strawberries....... I just recently started my herb garden ( Thank you Michele) and this morning I saw my first little sprouts of herbs, now if I had only remembered to mark which ones were which. The Specialist has been a huge help digging holes, pruning, and generally making sure I don't get carried away with the shears. He planted a Japanese Maple for me about 4 weeks ago and it is thriving and covered in new leaves, its great to see it grow. Unfortunately I have the worst quality soil so he has had to dig up dirt, take out the rocks, bark and junk, and mis in peet moss stuff ( yes, that is the techincal term ) to enrich it. My garden isn't a small project, thankfully this weekend is the Orchard Suppy No Sales Tax Sales. I can't tell you how excited I am.

In a week from today The Specialist and I will be sipping Mai Tais and staring at a Maui sunset. Yes we are off to Maui for 5 days for my Dad's wedding. I promise to post pictures as I will be decked out in a bridesmaid dress that makes me feel like I am going back to prom. I have no issues in embarrassing myself, so don't you worry you will be able to see me in all of my glory........ with a Mai Tai in hand. I plan on swimming alot, snorkeling, drinking, swimming, drinking, you get the idea. We are staying north of Lahaina and while we are out there we are going to visit a friend that moved there in January, so it will be great to see her. I have ( yes have to ) go get a new bikini, the one I have isn't what I would call family appropriate. I need something that covers alot more :) No, I am not walking around in a Brazilian G-String, but the winter months haven't been kind and I have been lazy so a tankini it is. I plan on working out everyday until the day I leave, better late than not at all right?

Other than that I have done my taxes ( or paid someone to do them), had all my yearly check ups, and am just chugging along. My Jeep deicided that in the midst of doing the taxes and Dr.'s appointments that it would be a fine time to crap out on me. So being the wonderful man he is, The Specialist ordered all the parts and did all the work and a few extra things to the Jeep. She runs better than when we dropped her off. I got a rental car for two days which was fun seeing as I thought this was the end of the Jeep and I was freaking out about having to get a new car. So renting one for two days was like a prolonged test drive. And then I got my Jeep back running like well she isn't the smoothest ride but she is tough ( at least to me).

OH, one thing I did was join Curves and no they aren't paying me for this, but I love it ( when I finally get my butt there). I feel comfortable, not like I am being watched. I know the routine instead of hopelessly wandering around a gym hoping I am doing the exercise right. Its only a block from my house so I can walk ( I said can, not that I do). Funny side story: The one time I decided to walk to the gym and be a good girl. I was walking along and from farther down the block a guy was walking his dog. As he and the dog are almost next to me, the dog lunged at me and tried to eat me. I was so shocked, this has never happened to me before. The poor guy was so embarrassed but I survived and never walked to the gym again.

Well thats it for me... I will check in soon ;) but don't hold your breathe.


At 12:15 PM, Blogger Tiffany said...

LOL - you have SO much stuff you could write about! There better be lots of pics from Maui! :D

At 3:48 PM, Blogger Melina said...

glad to see you're back! And what ARE these other things you could be writing about? Inquiring minds want to know!

At 8:49 AM, Blogger Retro Girl said...

*HUGS* I was happily shocked to see an update! Sounds like everything is going really well (sorry about the jeep and the mean dog!). Good to hear you and the specialist are still going strong! Sounds like a really great guy!

I read your words about Hawaii, as I sit and look out the window, seeing the swirling snow! (Why for the LOVE OF GOD, did MH's company have to be located near Chicago?!! LOL) Hope you have a moy fabulouso time, which I am sure you will! Please please--photos when you return and have time?! And of your garden...I'm counting the days till we can begin gardening here, and landscaping our new house!

Congrats to your Dad!

Take care, friend *HUGS*


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