Sunday, February 26, 2006


I am sitting on my couch this blustery Sunday evening. Just me and my Tivo, catching up on Sex and The City. What I didn't expect was two of the episodes that dealt the core of friends. The friends that I have are my sisters, the best bunch ever. I couldn't imagine a better support systems. My life would have been very different if they weren't being the pillars. With that being said there is change in the wind. Over the past few years we have all grown up and together, but the growing continues still and we have reached a point that our lives are changing. We will never stop being friends but other factor have shaped lives. I have two friends that are engaged and couldn't be happier for them. The both deserve the love and happiness that their new shared lives will bring them. Their new lives come with changes and soon we will have those precious friends living in other states. I won't lie that I find this very scary. With the upset of losing the family structure that I had, I lean heavily on the family I adopted. The idea that even one of them wouldn't be in that 10 minute radius that we have lived in for the past couple of years is almost unbelievable. I realize its naive to think that everything will remain the same, that your friends will always be that 10 minute drive away or that you will always be hanging out. Fine then call me naive because that's what I want. I don't want to not be able to randomly get together for breakfast or a drink. We are a close knit group, we thrive off of each other. It never fails that if one of us is depressed or in a bad mood, the others band together like a safety net. Not to brag but I have the coolest friends. I swear I was talking about Sex and City. The girls in that show learn something devastating that could possibly alter life as they knew it and I felt like I could relate ( ok with the altering of life, as nothing devastating has happened.). And when I say relate, I mean sitting on the couch crying and mourning the changes to come. I am not good with change, I prefer to learn about what could possibly be changing so that I may ease in to in, wrap my head around it. I want the very best for my friends, they deserve it. But I admit I also want the best for me, my friends around me. So life will continue as it always does.


At 10:01 AM, Blogger Tiffany said...

I think our group has shared too much to just let our relationships fade no matter what changes life will bring. It'll make those breakfasts and cocktails just all the sweeter...

Funny I was just thinking about this same thing last night while driving home from Donner... DO we have ESP?? :)

I realized that I take y'all for granted sometimes - I just assume you will always be there!

At 11:31 AM, Blogger Michele said...

It does suck to be leaving the state, but CA will always be my home and I will be back a lot. Plus you guys totally have to come visit.

Thank god for email and nationwide calling plans!


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