Sunday, February 26, 2006

Is This Going To Be Me??

I just finished reading You Have To Kiss A lot of Frogs, a book that I thought would be a light hearted adventure in another woman dating world. Someone to commiserate with, a lighthearted reflection of dating. Because we always need a friend/book to remind us that its not just us. But I didn't find that laughable camaraderie instead I found my worst fear lurking in between the words. After 15 years of dating the author found love in a four legged sense. A la a puppy. Now I have my share of dating horror stories, I collect them like some people stamps. And I am sure that there will be more to come, but am I going to find love in the unconditional, furry, four legged kind? The buying stock in Durcell cuz its the only sex I am going to get? My worst fear is that my dating life will end in the pages of a book. Something for to read, laugh and cringe at. Cringe at the bad stories and that the only love I found was furry ( and not in the, he has a hairy chest sort). Just because I choose not to date doesn't make the insecurity and fear go away.


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