Wednesday, February 01, 2006


If you have read my MeMe's, I am sure I have mentioned my tattoos. If not, I have two tattoos already, one very small ( that my mom teases me about) dragonfly. It was my first tattoo. A tester if you will to see if I wanted more. HA! Oh boy did I, so I got my second one a tribal design right next to the itty bitty dragonfly. Neither hold any really significance. Other than I loved the design of each.The problem with tattoos is that they are addictive- and I am planning tattoo #3 and #4. For tattoo #3 I will have a compass rose- the significance is that in the past few years, I have felt very lost with my parents divorce and having to support them, while I receive none in return. Therefore the compass rose would give me direction (not literally). I am thinking that this will be the design.
I would use different colors probably blue and greens. But this tribal/knotwork design flows more with what I already have.
My #4 tattoo will be one to remind me of my trip to HI, a first trip with my best friend and a first trip that I will be doing alone (alone for the latter half of the trip), I see traveling alone as an accomplishment of a personal goal in which to feel more comfortable with myself and to learn more about me. I am happy with the idea that two of my tattoos will hold meaning. Let's just hope I can stop at the 4.


At 1:00 PM, Blogger Michele said...

So, when will you be starting on the tattoo sleeves?


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