Sunday, March 05, 2006

Didn't Your Mother Tell You....

I am the queen of being able to get things I want to take home to the car. Do they make it out of the car?? Eventually they do but time does pass. One particular item was a bottle of ketchup from Guatemala (yes I collect ketchup from around the world and no this isn't a normal hobby)that my boss (she is my supplier) brought me back from a her recent trip. While two of the other gifts made it in to my house, one didn't, the ketchup bottle. This ketchup bottle has been in my car about 3 weeks in the cup holder and my boss teased me about leaving it there. I claimed jokingly that it was a conversation starter, gotta love my quirks. Not more than 30 minutes later a co-worker in my office comes by to visit and he asked, " Why do you have a ketchup bottle in your car?". My boss and I start laughing, I didn't realize that it would become a conversation piece so quickly. I told him thru my laughter what it was. While he raised his eyes, clearly hinting that he thought I was a weirdo, he accepted my answer. The conversation was over or so I thought. At a work cocktail party this particular coworker came over to me again to bring up the ketchup bottle. He informs me what his opinion of a ketchup bottle in a girls car signifies.....that she is an eater. You heard me. His initial reaction to seeing the ketchup bottle in my car was that I like to eat. Now don't get me wrong I love food, the smell, tastes, textures...but the connotation I took from this conversation was a negative one. Like I was that chubby girl ( i.e. fat ) that couldn't help but eat. I was actually offended by this, but what was I to do other than respond with, " Well no, it was a gift.". How else do you respond in a room full of your co workers. As you can tell I am still annoyed by this encounter. I can't understand why he thought that a comment like that would be well received. I like a lot of women have issues with my weight and am very self conscious. I fight with my weight and always seem to take two steps forward and one step back. So a comment like that effects me. I mean what makes that comment ok. Think before you can save you from tasting your foot one to many times.


At 1:31 PM, Blogger Shawn said...

You collect ketchup? And you question my taste in sandwiches?? :)

You know, maybe he was hoping that he could borrow your ketchup since he seems so adept at opening his mouth and inserting said foot. Some people just need to be hit with a clue stick....many times.

Oh, by the way, you missed a really good time.

At 10:44 AM, Blogger kate said...

what a schmuck. you should have hit him over the head with the ketchup bottle. lol.

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Becky said...

Ok honey! I hear ya. Stupid idiot. I'm sure he realized later that he made himself look like a total dumbass, and I hope it makes him cringe everytime he thinks about it. If he doesn't realize it, then he's a bigger idiot then I am even capable of comprehending. I dont get it either, what gives people the right? its like my step mom going up to my pregnant sister and going "COULD YOU GET ANY BIGGER?" idiots. now i'm fired up!


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