Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Funny Things Friends Do

I am sitting at work and should be working but this idea popped in to my head that I had to get down on paper ( or blogger). A few weeks ago my friends and I went to a seminar about buying a home. It was a free seminar and even though I work in the real estate industry, more knowledge can't hurt right? Due to traffic Tiff, Cate and I were almost late for the start of the seminar. Mary and Michele had made it on time and reserved us seats ( yes, its a long intro, deal with it). The hosts of the seminar gave out black portfolios with paper inside, obviously for notes. Mary and Michele and used these to reserve our seats. The funny thing is the portfolio I picked up (or seat I sat it) had been attacked by Michele. Now I mean attacked in humorous way. I have been using this portfolio for my voicemail messages since the seminar. Now, while Mary and Michele were waiting on us they had written notes with in the pages of the pad of paper. Every once in a while I still come across a cute little quip, as I use up the pages. When I happen to find one, I can't help but giggle every time. Its funny to find these little notes in pages. Here are a few example:

* Pretty sure you are going to run out of ink.

*Teachers Pet! You know we aren't being graded right?

*Your hand must be hurting by now.

*Seriously haven't you written enough by now.

Its a small funny thing that I think is great.


At 8:44 PM, Blogger Michele said...

Glad you finally found the rest of those! We thought we were SO funny. What can I say, we had some time to kill.


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