Thursday, March 30, 2006

It has been decided...

While having a relaxing glass of wine with Michele and Tiff last night, I regaled them with the story about the e-mail from PT(see below). This of course launched a discussion about my less than stellar taste in men. My dating history belongs in the Worst Hall of Fame. My friends have even gone as far as to ban me from choosing men to date. They are my own panel of approval. Or disapproval. It makes me laugh because I can't argue with them, they are right. Though Tiff has taken herself off the approval list after one attempt at match making. Had potential but lacked follow thru. We decided that every man I dated should have Moron attached to their name. PT Moron, B Moron, Stripper Moron.... you get the idea.

I think its a matter of reprogramming my brain. Looking beyond the usual triggers, meat head football player, to be exact. There are a few requirements that the guy must have:

1) Sense of Humor

2) Compassion

3) Good Job

4) Confidence ( this is usually where I screw up, I go for overly confident men)

5) Independence

I don't think this is a tall order. Notice I didn't say drop dead gorgeous- Attractiveness is different things to different people. And the qualities above make or break a person level of attractiveness. This experiement should be interesting.

It makes me laugh too, because if you ever hear a guy list what they are looking for and you silently tick off the qualities that you think you meet. You think hey, I am those things, why aren't you interested in me? There are always exceptions to those items. I do it too. Some guy can meet the criteria and I still don't think they are the right one. But like I said its time to change that with the help of my Panelof Approval (aka. my friends).


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