Friday, October 21, 2005

What or Who....

What/who makes you:

1. laugh the hardest: Tiffy last night, she is the cutest when she is hammered.

2. so mad you wanna punch a baby: nothing.

3. really really truly happy: my friends and family

4. jealous: people who have tons of $$ and waste thier life. Not having to work, go to shool. Just having life handed to them with no responsiblities

5. act like an asshole: depression and stress.
6. think: ian - about music and the future.

7. feel all warm and fuzzy inside: :D guess

8. cringe: going to the dentist, watching people be rude unnecessarily, waking up in the morning.
9. roll your eyes: when stupid people decide to talk to me.

10. feel inadequate: only I can make myself feel that way.

11. feel superior: no one is.

12. appreciate your life as it is right now: My friends, they are my world.


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