Monday, November 14, 2005

To My Embarrassment

So instead of posting a weekend recap, I thought I would go over my Saturday night. I was in rare form…… don’t worry I am going to go in to more detail. In an effort to put myself out there, being single and all, I went out with two friends C and C. I got all dolled up and thought I didn’t look half bad. We decided to go to Mountain Charlie’s, a local bar/ dance spot. Now I have only ever gone out with C and C with supervision from BestFriend Tiff. Now you should start to worry, if I say with “supervision”. Seeing the three of us, you would have thought that we were 21, not 30, 29, and 26. I haven’t had that much to drink in years, I swear it. I am a small girl and 8 or 9 drinks, no matter how long of a period you have drunk them over, is too much for this body. But that wasn’t the rare form, and I am slightly embarrassed to admit this. The three of us are attractive girls, great smiles and very friendly. No not friendly in that way……. We managed to get a spot at the bar, probably a mistake, now that I look at it. These three guys (perfect number) swagger up to the bar next to us and we all start talking , about drinks and the regular small talk. But they were distracted, they were looking for a better catch, kid you not. Now it’s a bar and I shouldn’t have high expectations, but again keep in mind, it’s been awhile since I have been to this bar and it’s been awhile that I have consumed that many drinks. So needless to say, we left the boys scanning the crowd. They obviously were not interested, its ok it happens. But when it happens after I have (all of us really) like 5 drinks, it makes us a little annoyed. So we decide to leave Mountain Charlie’s, screw them, they don’t know what they are missing. This was the rant of the car ride to the next location. And please don’t take offense to these comments, we were drunk and annoyed. We had decided that the men in LG were queer and wouldn’t know an attractive woman if she bit them in the ass. Though wouldn’t that be hysterical to see. So whats better than a bar/dance place……… local dive on karaoke night. I can see the smiles already. We immediately head to the bar, like we haven’t been drinking all night. And fortunate for us, one of the C’s knows the bartender….. more alcohol for free this time. And here comes the worst part for me. As I have mentioned before, I am a happy drunk. I love everyone, so it is not in my typical nature to be bitter and bitchy while drinking at least. But the other C and I go outside to get some not so fresh air and continue our rant. Except this time we have a small audience. This poor guy who clearly was just there for a laid back night didn’t expect two slightly drunk annoyed women to sit by him. I am amazed that he didn’t immediately walk away. So C and I rant and low and behold, he asks us (this is where he takes his lives in his own hands) what the problem is. I chose to inform him that the men in LG are queer (please see prior disclaimer about content, sorry), and what the hell is wrong with them. To be honest I was being a complete bitch…… I feel really bad about that now, but at the time I was disgruntled. His friend comes over to join (read: save) him and we go thru the entire story again. His friend points out to be that I am being a bitch and how unattractive that is and instead of clawing his eyes out, I agreed with him and told him I appreciated his honesty. Because I was being this way and I agree the bitter bitch routine is attractive. Talk about being in rare form. The friend finally leaves, deciding that I might be unstable. The original guy (sorry never got his name) tells me not to worry and then says that I am beautiful. Apparently he thinks a little more highly of me than his friend. I think I thank him, I think and then of course continue on my rant. Now I think he had had his fill at this point and gets up and walk away. I am laughing at this point because I have managed to scare someone away. Woooow, that is the first time ever, which my incessant bitter bitching chased someone away. But the thing is, like I said before this is rare form. And in hindsight, I am embarrassed for my behavior a) drinking like I was 21 b) the bitter bitchy rants and c) scaring someone who was evidently trying to be nice to me, away.
So you can imagine I learned a few lessons this weekend- I am not 21, despite how many times I lie about my age. And when I go out with C and C, I turned in to someone that I am not. I prefer more laid back evenings involving food with friends and laughter. Not bitter ranting with two girls that have their cell phones surgically attached to their ears, drunk dialing. Oh and I can not under any circumstances, eat Jack in A Box, anymore. This goes back to the, I am not 21 anymore. And Jack in a Box makes it worse, not better. But it tasted good!! 


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