Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Little Things

Reading Kate’s blog the other day, she mentioned how much she love the little things, the thoughtful things you do for friends and friends do for you. It really got me thinking about that concept. I love seeing something in a store, in an e-mail, or anywhere that I know will make my friends smile. I get a kick out of making them smile. Makes me feel all warm inside. Like finding pictures of Pugs for Michele, dressed up for Christmas. Or knowing that my Xmas gift for the Sisters will makes them happy (teehee, I am not giving it away). But also my group of friends are wonderful at reciprocating this concept as well. Like Christine spoiling me by taking me to the movies and getting the snacks as well, and Michael (her man) taking us both to dinner. There was a minor argument over this, but he is bigger than me. Or Tiffy, who constantly finds little things for me that I love and I do the same for her (i.e. my favorite to date is buying her Pink Uggs (ok, not really UGG, Uggs, but the look alikes). Its fun because Tiffy does a little happy dance, you can tell when she is absolutely delighted with something. And every year Tiffy takes charge when it comes to my birthday and makes everyone of them so special. So this is a little thank you to the Sisters for their thoughtfulness. I love you all.


At 9:53 AM, Blogger Tiffany said...

I love my pink (fake) Uggs! :)


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