Thursday, January 12, 2006

Chore Day

Today I have spent the better part of my morning working on things for myself, though I am at work. Can I tell you, I love my boss. So first off, my mail box is the size of a postage stamp. This translates to alot of my mail is sent back to the creditor. This morning I had to call my home equity lender and find out why I hadn't received a statement. It was of course because of my tiny tiny mail box. Next, I have an eye doctor appt tomorrow morning, I need more contacts. Its like a life and death issue with me, I hate wearing my glasses. The receptionist called this morning to tell me my Doctor isn't covered by my insurance. Panic!!!!!! So I call my insurance to find out who is covered and luckily ( seriously the planets are aligned) the eye doctor that is down the street from work has an opening tomorrow afternoon for me. Whew!!!! The idea of having to wait three to four weeks was not good. I have included an old picture of me in glasses when Michele and I both had short hair. I kid you not this picture is like 4 years old. So I think I am caught up on my chores and now I can actually get to work ;) Riiiiiggghhhttt!


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