Friday, January 06, 2006


Since we are talking about strange men (see Michele's blog :, decided to add my story of a weird encounter. Today spent alot of time filing, about my least favorite job in the world. I am still working on that magic wand so I can *pfft* make it go away. Anyhow, I am hunched over a very low file drawer filing away to my hearts content when I co-worker comes up behind me to use the copier. Instead of going about his business he decides to talk to me ( something he doesn't do, deal went sour, he blames me). Keep in mind I am still hunched over with my back towards him.

Him: " Hey, cool new tattoo...."
Me: "Umm, not really new, just usually much better at covering it up" ( tattoo's are located below my pants waist line on most days, but due to healthy walking in DC, pants are to big. Give me a couple of days I can undo the work I did.)
Him: " Oh well, I still really like it, looks good on you."
me: " Umm, thanks."

Really, it was creepy. At least I didn't burst out with, "Exactly why are you talking to me." Which did cross my mind. In a work enviroment, is that something you really acknowledge? One's tattoo? I realize mine was hanging out for the world to see as I was bent over the file cabinet in a dark hallway, where no one ever goes ( are you getting the hint? :)) So that was my creepy encounter for tonight. I am going out with the girls for drinks after work, so I am sure I will have plenty of ammunition for Monday :) Have a great weekend everyone.


At 6:03 PM, Blogger kate said...

yeah, that is a little inappropriate i guess. he shoulda just looked and not said anything. lol. well that's what i'd have done if i were a guy.


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