Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Something.... I stole this from

something awkward: Running in to an EX, that after he stopped talking to you (though didn't break things off) looks at you like you are the anti-christ and refuses to talk to you because called his voicemail to tell him things weren't working out.

something risky: Constantly taking the advice, love likes it the first time, to heart and continually putting yourself out there.

something funny: Going to a restuarant and asking to sit outside, only to find that they don't have a license to serve alcohol outside and claim, " oh no no no, we will be needing a table inside."

something embarrassing: Falling down the last two stairs on your outside staircase, landing on your knees, scratching them up like you are 5 years old. Then having to walk around with the hem of your skirt pulled up because you are more worried about getting blood your clothing than actually having hurt yourself. And of course the obligatory look around to see if anyone saw you.

something I don't understand: Ok there are a million things I don't understand but lets go with one of the lighter ones. Bicyclists, now if you are one, sorry but I don't get you. They have designated lanes in which to travel in and yet they decide to run ten across the road, clogging it up completely anf pissing off people who are in a much larger vehicle than they are. Or how about a complete disregard for traffic laws though they are governed by them. My favorite is bicyclists running red lights, because they can. GRRR

something I'm worried about: Again a million things some ridiculous, some unavoidable, some relevant. my mom being happy again,my dad moving away, will I be able to let go of things I have no control over, will sharks nibble my toes in Hawaii, what if a turtle stalks me while I am scuba diving, will I ever have a true love, get married, have kids, my weight, money, going back to school, did I forget to turn off the flat iron, what is wrong with the car now, will I have to buy a new one...... the list goes on.


At 7:36 PM, Blogger kate said...

that last one is too funny. i'm thiefing this too. lol.


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