Tuesday, January 17, 2006

This is Why I Have a Cat

On most nights I lock my cat out of my bedroom. I am a light sleeper and any movement wakes me up. Mind you, he is responding to my moving but I don't wake myself up, so its his fault. Last night I was getting ready for bed, the usual routine and he is waiting for me outside the bathroom. I turn to go to my bedroom and keep the cat out at the same time, not the easiest task. As I am moving towards him, he runs full tilt in to my bedroom and hides behind the corner of the bed ,peeking at me, daring me to try and get him out of the bedroom. I am bent over laughing hysterically, I have never seen him do this or for that matter run that fast in his entire life. It was so funny- like he knew what was coming next and he was hell bent on making sure he got to sleep in the bedroom last night. Needless to stay I am exhausted because of course I didn't sleep well, but at least it wasn't the cat fault entirely. on a side note, I managed to kick a wall last night while walking into the kitchen and I think I may have broken my foot. We will see, I am not running to the doctor yet. I can still walk, sort of.


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