Friday, March 17, 2006

An Office Full of Women

What do you get when the population of your office is predominantly women?? Alot of questions and unsolicited advice about dating. My first day back from vacation (blog on vacation to follow) I was cornered in the women's bathroom by a co-worker who wanted to know why I wasn't on When I answered that I was on a dating hiatus and just wasn't really interested in dating at the moment, the look of horror on her face said to me, I should have lied. The co-worker informed me that was the place to be, the elite of dating websites. Now I am not against online dating, I have heard of great success stories. Then there are my stories from my adventures of online dating. So needless to say, I avoid online dating for the time being. And for the record I can exist without dating, people have survived from doing this before.

I was pretty annoyed about this intrusion into my life ( stupid me for saying anything remotely resemling the truth). However, in hindsight I understand why. She thinks I am a catch and that I deserve a nice guy ( glad we agree on that one). And how am I ever going to meet said nice guy, if I don't kiss all the frogs in between. But its ok to take a break (in my mind) my self esteem can only handle so many frogs.


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