Friday, March 17, 2006

Warning Girl Talk Ahead!!!

Ok with that being said ( and if you chose to read further its at your own risk)I have my period and the worst ( I mean like debilitating ) cramps of my life. I had a cute St. Patty Day's suit all picked out for work this morning. Only to laugh bitterly while I tugged my jeans on and bet anyone to try and pinch me. What lead to these demon cramps. I thought it would be funny ( I am kidding). I went off my Birth control pills to see if they were causing me to gain weight. I had reached a point that I was willing to take all necessary measure to get my weight down. Nevermind that in the process of said adventure sent my system in to a spiral that 6 weeks later has finally returned to some semblance of normalcy. And that normalcy I prayed for came with demon cramps. Seriously I felt like I was going to split in two. But there is a happy end to this story.... Seeing as I can be a wimp about pain ( especially cramps) I went to the locate Walgreens to get one of thoseinstant heat pad things just for women and our time of the month ( or our time of every 6 weeks). Can I tell you I am in love with them. They have eased the cramps ( that and 4 Midol) and I am all snuggly warm too. There is only one down side, months ago I found a cure for my insomnia in the shape of a heating pad on my stomach. It beat any pill I was taking for precious sleep. So you are all smart, put two and two togther and what do you get, no cramps and very very sleepy. I just can't win


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