Thursday, March 23, 2006


* I am stealing this idea from Tiff seeing as my brain is incapable of completing a whole entry.
* I am sick. I tried to convince myself that I was sore from a good work out. However the congestion in my lungs, I am sure isn't from the chest press.
* Even though I am sick, I am at work. Yes, I am crazy but you should know that by now. I am in that sick but not sick enough to stay home phase. And I get bored really quickly at home, so I came to work to infect others. Seeing as work is where I most likely got sick. Just sharing the love.
* For the first time since I have had my cat, he actually was sympathetic towards his ill mommy last night. Instead of his usual cold shoulder, he curled up on my tummy while I was lounging on the couch watching TIVO.
* To add insult to injury, I also had mild food posioning last night. So I ache all over, am coughing like a 90 year old smoker, and running to the bathroom every 20 minutes. My life is gooooddddd!!
* Tiff and I have been talking about the inhuman killing methods of the meat we eat. I am starting to pondering being a vegetarian again. (Yes, I said again. I was a vegetarian for about 9 months when I was 22, sadly I really like chicken).
* Before I felt sick, Michele and I were at the gym yesterday morning on the stair climber. Not the little pedally thingy, but actual rotating stairs. I will now and forever refer to them as the stairs of torture. I walk up stairs to work and they aren't nearly as bad as the Stairs of Torture.
* Tomorrow night, come hell or high water, I am seeing Bob Saget at the Improv. Yes, Full House dad has a wickedly dirty sense of humor and I can't wait to see him.
* My boss teased me this morning for wearing jeans to work with stiletto heels. I am sick so I opted for jeans, however I felt guilty for wearing jeans so I tried to dress them up. Yes I realize that its a little stupid, but in my defense, I am sick. So zip it.
* In an effort to change my ways (i.e. I can be a little messy at home) I have made a effort to clean up as I go, instead of just leaving it for the weekend. So night before last I ironed (which I hate) and did dishes. After completeing these tasks I almost cried about the pitfulness of my life.
* Pitifulness of life is blamed upon going to a seminar last week and trying to lead a more frugal life. Frugal= boring, in case you didn't know. I think I will take up knitting again, just to occupy my hands from shopping online.
* I discovered last week, I do not like Mole (no not the animal, the Mexican dish), after of course making Mole for my dad, discovering it has nuts in it, which my dad is allerigc to, saving for another meal on another night. Prepared the meal, dipped finger in Mole sauce and immediately chucking entire dish in sink.
* Did I mention I was sick and therefore this post is lame. Sorry Folks, I promise that I will try harder :)


At 3:40 PM, Blogger Michele said...

The stair climber was SO not that bad! :P

Feel better!


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