Wednesday, August 30, 2006

An Update

Ok seeing as I can make a decent post to save my life lately I am going to follow in the footsteps of Kate and make a list.

- While having drinks with Tiff a few weeks ago we overheard a guy telling all his little guy friends, how he “tapped” some girl. What is she a keg?!?!? Oh, I know he was playing tag with her, how cute. Because I can’t imagine that he was talking about hooking up with her (heavy sarcasm), I mean come on. Men wonder why they get bashed by women, if you insist on talking CRUDELY about us, we will retaliate.
- Apparently I am irresistible, in case you didn’t already know . I have been holding out on you guys. There is someone special in my life however geographically he isn’t close, but will be very soon. And apparently while I am glowing from his attention it is causing other men to find this attribute appealing. I kid you not in the last few weeks men I have known for years and ones that I have brief acquaintances with are hinting at their interest in me. Umm Hello!!! Where were you guys six months ago, to late now buddies!
- I was reading this post on Sex On My Desk about text messaging and I fully believe that this should be typed up and given to every boy in Sex Ed Class, handed out at Parent Teacher night, whatever it takes. Texting is not an acceptable mode of communication beyond two or three texts. Read, I swear you will be nodding at every single on. And that of course triggered an idea for a new post later on.
- Last night we were all over at Michele’s house watching her get her trial run wedding make up done but our FAVORITE and HANDSOME make up artist. He is a god, I could learn so much from him. But seriously before heading over to Michele’s I kid you not, I primped like I was going out on a first date. I couldn’t possibly let our make-up artist know I was falling down on the job, the horror. I also couldn’t tell him that the make he has done on me , I have done for other. I felt like a stalker and thought he might have found it creepy.

Ok that’s it for now. Will post soon.


At 3:16 PM, Blogger Goat said...

It's just like how little kids want what ever the other kids have, and then once they get it, well sometimes they lose interest. A person carries themselves differently when they are involved with another person and that makes others that don't have that, want it. Enjoy the attention even though I know you're counting down the few weeks left.

And yes Liz, you are irresistible even though I know at times you haven't felt that way. I seem to remember saying something to that effect when we went out after shoe shopping a couple of years ago! :)

As for the 'tapping' remark...I'll be an arse and just say that if the ladies didn't put up with it, the guys wouldn't do it. Men are stubborn but simple creatures and unwanted behavior can be corrected - stick and carrot - it's sad but it works.

Oh and yes I still excel at opening mouth inserting foot.

At 9:05 AM, Blogger Tiffany said...

I can't believe you primped for Jason and I showed up looking like death warmed over...

I guess that's why I will forever be the boring friend.

Also, Shawn's so right. I think guys always want what they can't have. But I have a theory along the lines of... they don't trust their own damn judgement! If another guy wants you - why then you must be a good catch!

Silly boys!

At 10:55 AM, Blogger Goat said...

*cough cough* girls are just as guilty of the 'must be a good catch' line of thought. :)


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