Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wedding Weekend

Hi Girls and Boy (yes only one guy reads this blog). I am here and alive. As you read in Tiff’s blog, one of the Fab 5 got married over the weekend. It was quite the wedding weekend. I was given the honor of doing the bride’s make-up. You know I was tickled pink. Me using make-up in anyone but myself, it’s like living a life long dream. And it was a mini challenge as well. I am a daily make-up wearer, I usually don’t go outside the house without at least the bare minimum (which still takes me at least 10 minutes). But the bride is our natural girl and wears make for only the most special occasions (duh, like her wedding), so I needed to find a happy medium in between my level of make and the natural look. Can I tell you it’s not as easy as it sounds. But we pulled it off and I think I did a damn fine job. Though I think the reason she looked so amazing was the fact that she was getting married, not my make-up skills. Task one completed……

Next on the list was getting myself ready and do Christine’s make up. I was a make up artist on Saturday (I loved every flipping second of it). Christine wore this amazing dress that I had make up to match (shocking I know). She has that wonderful Italian complexion that makes the fun colors (we used teal and lapis) pop. The look was perfect for the dress and she (as always) looked wonderful. As for me, I kept it low key, mostly lashes. The funniest part of the whole experience was that both Angie and Christine kept laughing at me when I was putting on their make up because I make faces while concentrating. It’s my “make-up” face =). Both ladies looked gorgeous. And I was extremely happy with the results. I also had no qualms mentioning to anyone who would listen that I did the make up. I need to find away to make this my life’s work.

I think I might love weddings, everyone looks great, it’s a happy occasion, and there is booze (how can you not love it). Though I am not a ceremony crier. A lot of people start crying at the ceremony, I manage to keep dry eyed. But I ALWAYS lose it at the Father/Daughter dance. Thank god for waterproof mascara. I can’t think of one wedding that I have been to that I didn’t cry at the Father/Daughter Dance. Also it might have been the amount of beer I had, it was the first available alcohol, I had no choice. It was also great to see faces that I hadn’t seen in awhile, like my friend Carrie. We live less than 5 miles away from each other and we can not pull it together.

Overall it was a beautiful wedding and reception. I managed not to embarrass myself (always a concern), smiled non-stop, cried a little, and felt tremendous joy for my friend.

*Blogger isn't letting me upload pictures (of coures), so look at my flcker to the right)*


At 8:51 PM, Blogger Goat said...

Well....lets see, (checking) yep, I'm a boy and yes I read your blog DAILY so I guess you were talking about me!!!



All of you looked positively ravishing in the wedding pictures!

At 6:27 AM, Blogger Retro Girl said...

Great pictures! Everyone looks so pretty and looks like it was a wonderful time!

I always cry at the vows...and the father/daughter dance. Especially when people do their own vows instead of the standard. Or my friend TammyJ/Ron -- He sung to her acapella on the alter...I bawled. It was beautiful.

Glad you had a wonderful time! Luv that dress :-)

At 7:00 AM, Blogger kate said...

i'm glad you had fun. and really impressed that you did the bride's makeup. i know how much you love that stuff. way to go.


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