Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend Highlights

I have another post I am working on but am having writers block. So in the mean time I wanted to tell you the highlights of my weekend.

The group headed up to Donner to savor the last days of summer and partake in some boat action (thanks BFTiff and The Boy), here are the highlights:

- I drove up myself Friday night and a friend told me once that the way he kept himself occupied and awake while driving was to sing. I may have taken it to the next level, I was rocking out to my country music, not just mouthing along to the words, but singing like I was the leader singer, full volume, heart felt, and pure craziness. I am sure that everyone from my home town to Donner now knows about the crazy girl rocking out in the white truck.
- On that same drive it (at the very last minute) occurred to me that I didn’t have cash for the bridge. Having never approached a bridge without sufficient fare, I may have panicked a little and went in search of the nearest ATM. What I didn’t count on was being in the ghetto, searching for an ATM. I chose the scariest, darkest, and longest road to take off the freeway. Did I mention I was by myself? I managed to find a Walgreen’s and buy a red bull, and get cash. Then I found out that you can go across the bridge without money, they give you a little bill to send back with the bridge fare. Hmmmm ghetto ATM search or angry motorists on the bridge? What would you do?
- On Saturday a small group of us (there was 10 on the trip total) went over to Reno to go to BFTiff’s favorite place, the dueling piano bar. What better place to watch birthday people and Bachelorette’s get embarrassed and rock out to some of your favorite songs. They played Bon Jovi, I was in heaven. We had drinks that required flames, ice cube fights, and general mayhem. Then half of our group (mainly me) was exhausted and heard their beds calling, but not before a potty break. On the way back to the group, a very drunk boy stops me and asks if he can hug the most beautiful girl in the casino. Trying not to look around me for that beautiful girl, I give him a hug and send him on his stumbling way. But that’s not the funny part. The best part is his equally drunk friend decided that my friend Cate can’t be left out, so he runs over to her, telling her that she too needs a hugs, and step on her foot while trying to hug her. What a little pleasure and pain between drunken people….
- After a disastrous first attempt at wakeboarding a few years ago (that resulted in a full sinus cleansing), I thought that it was time to try wakeboarding again. It has come to my attention that I should not under any circumstances, drunk or otherwise, attach a board to my feet and attempt to ride it. This also goes for skiing and snowboarding. All I got from yesterday’s experience was more water in my sinuses and severely sore muscles that almost limited my ability to create cute hair this morning.

So there you have my weekend. Well spent with the ones that I love and all new memories. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


At 6:06 AM, Blogger Retro Girl said...

While reading your post...I was picturing the scene in the original NL's Vacation movie, where Chevy Chase takes a wrong exit and winds up in the ghetto's of Chicago...trying to get directions while they steal his hubcaps and spray paint Honky Lips on his car. heheh. Glad you were okay and made it back on your way without incident...That's the same sorta stuff that happens to me all the time :-)

Love those dueling piano bars. Went to one years ago in Cincinnati...haven't found one around here yet. They're lots of fun

Have a great week!


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