Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Since I took a stand, I thought that maybe reporting on the results would help keep me accountable and motivated.

Starting last Thursday, I went to the gym Thursday and Friday, hiking in the Saratoga Hills Saturday, and walking for 3.5 hours at the local flea market on Sunday. This week I went to the gym last night (it's only Monday give me a break)and help rescue my mom's dog from the evil chicken wire fence (I will fill you in in a minute). This morning in a panic of what to wear ( my usual state of mind every morning, a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear) I reached for a pair of slacks that I was SURE wouldn't fit. But I risked the disappointment anyway and TADAAAAA the fit better than they have in the past 9 months. I am elated that I am already seeing results, not that I have stepped on a scale mind you, I am not insane. It felt great to do the pants up with ease. :D

Ok back to the rescue story. Last night my mom calls at like 8:30pm, I know this can't be a good thing because she is usually in bed at this point. She tells me one of her dogs has run off and she can't find him anywhere. After repeated offers to come over with a flash light and help she finally agrees and I am really glad she did. I took our other dog Rosie out in to the back year ( we have 1/3 of a acre so there are lots of places to get out) and ask her where "bad dog" is. She races down the path in to pitch black darkness, I am holding my police mag light firm in my hands in case I come across anything more than one of our cats. Well Lassie, Rosie is not but I did find our other dog Fonzie, affectionately also known as The Idiot, the S hook in his collar had gotten snagged on a roll of old chicken wire fencing that had, as he had tried to get away, stuck on a small stump making him immobile. The poor dog never whined while I was calling out or barked. Had I not gone out in the back to look for where he may have escaped from he would have been there all night :(. Funny though our cats and dogs love each other, its a weird phenomenom in my life. One of the cats we have ( there are 4 total) was sitting a few feet away from Fonzie keeping him company. Its was so cute and endearing.

So that was my adventure last night. Such a rivoting life I lead.


At 8:00 AM, Blogger kate said...

hey, it's more exciting than my life. lol.

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Retro Girl said...

I'm proud of you! I also admire the way you stated your goals (they say when you tell others, it makes it "official" and you're more likely to do it) and the follow up - You really are determined! Your posts are motivational and inspirational!

Your story about Fonzie made me get misty. That poor doggie...I'm glad you found him and the kitty kept him company. I'm glad it worked out - I would hate to think of him stuck out there for days....
I'm such a sucker for animals. They're so sweet.

Take care!


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