Monday, October 31, 2005

And the verdict is......

So of all the excuses I thought I would get from B, I wasn't prepared for the answer I got. Its the one excuse that shakes you and makes you question yourself. He said," I met someone else and I want to date her. And since I don't like to date two girls at once, I had to tell you." Well points for being honest, though I wonder if I hadn't e-mailed would he have told me, or mysteriously disappeared.

This completely blindsided me. This is the guy that told me, " it seems we are on the same page." Well it turns out that I was on page 505 and he was back on page 212. Of course there were tears, I won't lie. I fall quickly for guys that I feel a real connection with, seeing as I rarely find guys that meet this quality.

I also wondered a little when he had the time to meet someone else. We saw each other every 2 or 3 days. Was it in the 4 days I was gone for work? Then we really aren't on the same page are we? Was I just a between girl, while he was waiting for something better to come along? Maybe.... I won't ever know.


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