Friday, October 28, 2005

Lord, I Hate to Fly

This afternoon found me at the McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, after a four day work trip. Now I have been to Las Vegas frequently over the past 6 years. But what the hell is with the zoo at the airport. I swear that place combines three of my biggest pet peeves.

1) Slow walkers!!! People in an aiport are not there for the scenery, to look at the pictures. So why oh why do people meadering, or even better stop in front of you while you are walking. I mean it could be the middle of the walkway and instead of merging to the right to take care what ever they need to. They decide that stopping in the middle of the walkway is the best place possible to ponder what snack to have or pick their ass.

2) People who camp out in front of the gate door before boarding. Because god forbid if they don't, they might not get a seat. Never mind the fact that , ummm, the airline, while annoying at times, did account for ttheir presence. So I am guessing they will get a seat whether they hover at the front or wait like the rest of the other people.

3)The mass exodus getting off the plane. You know what I am talking about, when the plane has barely made it to the gate and everyone is scrambling over their seats to get to the overhead bin. Does it ever occur to them that they can't go anywhere until the flight staff opens the door? So what good does it do to stand in the aisle? Why can't anyone exit in an orderly fashion. I swear everyone will get off the plane , the flight staff isn't going to keep everyone on the plane for their own amusement. I mean unless you are cute. Believe me the flight staff wants off more than you do.

As you can see the blah's haven't lifted. Lucky you!


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