Friday, November 18, 2005

Liz's Bad Habits

I stole this from Kate (I am not so handy with inserting the links)

Here are my bad habits:

1) Leaving my clothes where they fall.

2) Never ever make my bed ( unless I have a guest ;) )

3) I am a worry wart, I start to worry about not worrying, if I have nothing to worry about.

4) I constantly buy grocery and then leave them in the fridge until they go bad and aren't edible.

5) I get Road Rage

6) I swear like a sailor

7) I have absolutely no will power when it comes to good food.

8) Starting a book, only reading half and then getting bored and starting another one. I am in the middle of three books currently.

9) Leaving my laundry until the absolute last moment, when I am wearing the granny panties.

10) I am impatient

11) I never wash my car, unless its on its birthday.

12) I give my cat the lint roller sheets to play with.

13) I am a notorious pen thief , no pen is safe.

14) I never balance my check book, I go by the feeling in the pit of my stomach, when I have spent to much. And yes, it works.

15) I am a clothes horse. I can not, not shop.

16) I am addicted to make up, I have more makeup than the average woman, almost more than an average make up artist.

17) I can justify anything. Buying a shirt, why I need dessert, why I can't do laundry that day.

18) I have been known to fake headaches to get out of a bad date. Its horrible I know.

19) I constantly forget things. Whether its a message, something I need to do or go get.

and last but not least......

20) I hate doing dishes, and leave them in the sink until absolutely necessary. Ewww Grossss ( ok, I did it for you)


At 11:11 AM, Blogger kate said...

LMAO. I've used up all the granny panties and then gone out and bought new underwear rather than do laundry. I think I have you beat. LOL.


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