Thursday, November 17, 2005

See's Scrooge

When you picture the ladies in white with black trim pockets behind the counter at See's, you picture a jolly woman, happy to help you fill your choclately desires. Well the boss and I went in today to gather Chocolate Turkeys for the upcoming holiday. Of course we left it until the last possible minute having been occupied with other items of urgency. When we walk in we are the only two in the store and we inform the two See's ladies behind the counter of our need for 110 chocolate turkeys. Grandma C, as I will now refer to her, was slightly chastising us for waiting for so long but she counted how many they had, even the ones in gift baskets, decorated nicely. Her co-worker exclaims," Don't count the ones in the wrapping, you can't unwrap those.ā€ So what does Grandma C do? She calls her manager to ask permission to dismantle the baskets and gift boxes to rescue the turkeys. Grandma C proclaims to the co worker, "Well boss woman says sell them all, even the packaged ones." "Harrumph", is the only reply from the co worker, who then disappears from sight, so as to not walk with horror as we pillage turkeys from there cellophane prisons. Grandma C hands each of us a pair of scissors and tells us to do or worse, no need to be careful or dainty (thank god, because I am neither). So we pillage and rescue all the turkeys in sight. And as we are doing this people are coming in and watching in awe as we rip open the baskets. One man commented, "what if I wanted a turkey??ā€ Too late, we shout for fear of losing the precious turkeys. And while we are a funny side show, the natives were getting restless wanting to buy their chocolate. Grandma C finally had to get involved and call the See's Scrooge, as I now refer to her as. The scrooge's only reply, ā€œIā€™m coming", as if she was being interrupted from something life or death. I couldn't figure out her sour attitude. I mean its 6 days from Thanksgiving and See's doesn't want to have to send back the turkeys, they'd rather make money off of them, and its not like she helped at all. So the boss and I left See's in a mess of sliced cellophane and ribbon dangling on the floor. It looked thoroughly pillaged by the time we were thru.


At 10:20 AM, Blogger Tiffany said...

LMAO! It would have been funnier if your boss had gotten into an argument with the See's Scrooge! I would have paid to see that!


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