Wednesday, November 16, 2005


This morning we had the lock smith come in to the office to fix a few of our drawers that do not lock or have broken in the course of the 12 years my boss and I have occupied the desk we sit at. Shockingly the lock smith showed up on time (I thought he was like the cable guy, and showed up in a window of time)and he was hot!!!!! Sweet, this is my morning. He had beautiful stunning blue eyes. So he quietly goes thru what needs to be worked on and one particular cabinet that needs to be fixed get its turn. We had informed him that it was broken when he showed up. So he gets down to business and is inspecting the draws, well he turns to me to ask me ( in a thick Hungarian accent), how did the drawer break. So there is where I have to admit to him that I had broken the draw. He looks at me oddly and repeats, " you broke it??". Now I have to explain how I broke it. So I relayed the story of how I wasn't paying attention and reached for the drawer to open it and pulled to hard popping the lock on the drawer ( teehee, I popped it. Yes I know I am a dirty bird). He repeats after me in sheer disbelief. Now in my defense, its easy to pop those drawers, its not like they were made by the same people who constructed Fort Knox. Its the same type of lock on a mail box at the post office, and no I have no intention of breaking in to the post office, seriously if I am going to commit a crime, it will be more enjoyable then breaking in to the USPS. But I digress.....So back to the disbelief of my strength. So after hearing the story he looks at me and says, wow you are strong. Again back to the poorly constructed drawers. Its not like I am the She-Hulk, though Michele is fond of reminding me I am stronger that the average short person. So Mr. Locksmith continues to work on fixing the drawer that I popped open. So he finished the part of the job that he can, he has to come back tomorrow and bring new locks for a few drawers, not the one I broke, he fixed that one. But as he was explaining this to me and showing me how he fixed the drawer and that he will make copies of the keys, he locks the newly fixed drawer. Now I apparently wasn't paying enough attention, because what I should have noticed is that he didn't unlock that drawer. And to make matters sweeter, he took the keys to make copies. Well I go about my business in the war torn part of my office, drawers lieing everywhere, the guts of the drawers exposed. This was not for the faint of heart. I realize that I need a file out of my newly fixed drawer, keep in mind that I haven't yet remembered it was locked. So I walk over and pull on the drawer and am shocked that it is locked. And then it sets in, crap Mr. Locksmith has the keys,what I am going to do??? Oh No!!!! I have to use my breaking and entering skills. And Mr. Locksmith is going to yell at me!!!! What am I suppose to do, I need to do my job!!!! So I do what any self sufficient independent woman would do, I broke it( again). Mr. Locksmith returns to remove all the locks in the drawers and I inform him that I broke the drawer ( again). He turns to me and stares at me like I am insane. He repeats me ( of course) , " You broke it again?!?!?!" Well you locked it!!!! What was a suppose to do?? I wasn't even sure he was coming back. It turns out, I didn't break it, so Mr. Locksmith, didn't break me. So I end my day to the sounds of Mr. Locksmith reassembling my drawers and the massacre will be cleaned up.


At 9:00 AM, Blogger Tiffany said...

LMAO! So did the hottie have a name? And did you say he had a Hungarian accent?!?!

At 9:27 AM, Blogger Liz said...

His name was Michael and yes he is hungarian( I believe), he was talking on the phone and I swear I recognized a few words.

At 10:36 AM, Blogger Michele said...

Now that you know the locksmith is so cute, you are going to break those drawers on purpose!!


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