Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Where Would You Go?

With Kate's recent posts about pick up and moving somewhere, it got me thinking and thus turned in to a conversation with my boss about where we would move to. California, while I complain about it sometimes, is a great place to live. Great weather, currently 60+ degrees in January, no major disasters that visits on an annual basis, close to the mountains AND the ocean. The list goes on, but what if you were to make the move, where would you go. For me a number of factors were involved, all my friends and immediate (mom and dad) are here. The employment market for my field is thriving, and I own property. But lets say I did decide to move, ignoring (I love you all) the factors. My boss and I discussed at great length the advantages and disadvantages of each coast and the states stranded in the middle (no offense). My first choice, if I were to stay in the 48 contiguous states, would be Seattle, WA. Now I know that at last count it had been raining for 33 straight days, but that doesn’t bother me. I love the rain and gloom, it doesn’t lead me to suicidal thoughts. Seattle, to me, has the big city feel without all the people, has water and mountains, cheaper real estate, and I could transfer my position. And it’s still only a 90 minute plane ride home. Also did I mention that it’s close to Canada where the exchange rate allows for better and cheaper shopping? So that’s the top of my list, but what about the bottom of my list. The east coast (anything north of Virginia) has seasons that would be amazing to experience, something that CA doesn’t have. But while I claim my favorite season is winter, I mean a California winter, not a New York winter. And there are hurricanes in the southern states that are an annual occurrence, sometimes not as bad as this past year, but they do happen every year. So no states with harsh winters or Hurricanes, well there goes the east coast. How about the middle of the nation? From Nebraska to Denton, TX, (this is a guess on the location) resides Tornado Alley, a strip of states that are battered yearly by tornados. Now I have seen Twister and ummm, no thanks, you can keep that. We are back to the west coast because along with hurricanes, harsh winters and tornados, I really hate the hot summers. The dripping with sweat because the humidity is at 100%, isn’t a good look for me.
What about expanding the search to the entire globe, well that opens up a lot more options. Anything in Europe sounds exciting and Hawaii, sounds like paradise. Buts it’s a scary decision and out of the comfort zone for a lot of people because they are leaving behind their factors. So that leads me to the second part of the conversation.

What would you move for? Friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, family, job, because you hit 30? In recent years my friends, the ones closest to me, have become my family, filling in for my current turbulent family life. The idea of any one of them leaving isn’t an appealing idea. Question though? Would I move for them…….. Part of me says yes because I would miss my “family” beyond belief, the other part says no, because they have lives of their own to lead and experiences of their own to have. And it would require me to stand on my own and make new friends and try new things beyond my comfort zone. Depends, are they moving somewhere cool? :D What about a boyfriend? I can’t say for sure, I haven’t had a serious relationship in a long time. I would like to think, yes I would, but does that put a strain on the relationship, only having each other? Also jobs come in to play, if he had the higher paying job, then yes, I think I would move for him and his job, but if I was the main bread winner? It doesn’t seem to make economical sense. This is all a what if, seeing I am not even dating someone, but these are the questions I have. Would I move for my own job? If my job here was going to be phased out and a similar job with similar compensation become available elsewhere, then yes. Mind you my company has hubs in a lot of cities I wouldn’t like to live in. But if I had to and I really liked my job, then most likely I would. The topic of moving for family is tough for me since my parents are no longer together. I couldn’t just move for one of them, I couldn’t live with the guilt that they may think I loved one of them more. And believe me that would be the root of that problem. And last but not least my favorite reason, because I turned 30. I have jokingly said ( ok a lot of times) that if I hit 30 and am in the same place: work wise, lack of relationship wise, or I need a bigger yard for my 10 cats, that I was going to move to get myself out of that rut. I have even gone as far as set up e-mails informing me of available real estate in my desired locations (see above). I am all for changing your situation if it becomes intolerable or for the simple fact that you want or need to.

Your life is always in your own hands and you have to live it, so make your life for yourself. (See I don’t blog for awhile and then all of a sudden the flood gates open)


At 5:02 PM, Blogger Tiffany said...

Okay first off, holy shnikes on the posting woman! When it rains...

And just think about all the fun vacations we could take if you were in Seattle and I was in Oahu! Not to mention we'd HAVE to coordinate our trips home to see the parents...

At 7:33 PM, Blogger kate said...

you've just listed all my thoughts on moving. thanks. now that saves me from coming up with them.

i don't know where i'd move. if i were to move on my own then i'd like CA or someplace dry and warm. i love the water and i love the mountains so i have a lot of choice.

yes, i would move for a serious relationship. and basically, i'd go anywhere for someone i love.

but since that's not an issue at this point, i have a harder decision to make.

At 2:29 PM, Blogger Liz said...

Glad to help :D


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